Shanghai Institute of Precision Medicine

June 10, 2022 Share:

Shanghai Institute of Precision Medicine (SHIPM) was established in 2017 and serves as a research hub for medical sciences and life sciences by orchestrating the collaboration among scientists, physicians, and technical teams. The research in SHIPM focuses on the field of cancer biology, molecular cardiology, neuromedicine, aging and reproductive medicine, genetic medicine, and drug discovery. In the past three years, research teams in SHIPM have made a series of breakthroughs in understanding the fundamental biological process and the related diseases, such as the RNA processing mechanism and the maintenance and modification of chromatin structure, which shed a light on the pathology of various cancers and developmental diseases. To support the multidisciplinary research in SHIPM, a comprehensive scientific facility was built up and operated by professional staff. SHIPM facility is comprising of six platforms including Protein Engineering Platform, Mass Spectroscopy Platform, Electron Microscopy Platform, Bio-imaging Platform, Chemical Biology Platform, and Bioinformatics Platform. Powered by cutting-edge instruments and devices including Titan Krios G3 Cryo Transmission Electron Microscope, Biacore 8K bio-interactive analyzer, Orbitrap Fusion Lumos™ Tribrid™ mass spectrometer, and high-performance computer cluster, SHIPM facility has been delivering quick, precise, and robust services for the research at SHIPM.