Songjiang Hospital

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Songjiang Hospital Affiliated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (hereafter referred to as Songjiang Hospital), also known as Songjiang District Central Hospital, was founded in June 1949. As a grade B class-Ⅲ general hospital, Songjiang Hospital has 29 clinical departments, 6 medical technology departments, 3 clinical specialties in medical sciences in Shanghai, 1 key specialty in clinical pharmacy in Shanghai, and 8 key specialties in medical sciences in Songjiang District. Songjiang Hospital is a standardized training base for general resident physicians in Shanghai. The Hospital has obtained the qualification as a national drug clinical trial institution and has established a regional tuberculosis laboratory in Shanghai. Covering an area of 96 thousand square meters, Songjiang Hospital has 1287 staff members and 805 approved beds. The annual number of outpatient and emergency visits reaches 1.9 million, the annual number of discharges is 31.9 thousand, and the annual number of surgeries performed is 39.4 thousand. Songjiang Hospital is the medical center of Songjiang District, serving more than 2.3 million people from 6 streets and 11 towns in Songjiang District.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine Songjiang Institute (hereafter referred to as Songjiang Institute) was founded in July 2022, along with the formation of a high-level brain science research team led by Academician Duan Shumin. The Gene and Cell Therapy Institute led by Professor Zheng Songguo was founded in July 2023. Songjiang Institute, co-built by Songjiang District People’s Government and Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, has been engaged in integrated development under the administration by Songjiang Hospital, which in turn promotes the high-quality development of Songjiang Hospital.

Songjiang Hospital has been adhering to its aspiration of forging ahead and striving for excellence through the sincere collaboration and hard working. The Hospital holds the ambition to build a high-standard class-Ⅲ hospital affiliated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine and become a regional leading medical center matched with the strategies of the G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. Songjiang Hospital is oriented towards people’s health and continuously seeks progress and growth while maintaining stability. The development prioritizes “quality, safety, services, management, and performance”, with all divisions of the Hospital, including healthcare, teaching, research, and management, making constant innovations. Under concerted efforts, Songjiang Hospital has enhanced connotations construction as a class-Ⅲ hospital in every dimension and achieved good results in public hospital reform.

Songjiang Hospital is among the first to run a regional diagnostic center, a regional clinical laboratory center, and a regional pathological diagnosis center, which are open to 16 community healthcare centers and 6 class-II hospitals in Songjiang District. Songjiang Hospital has established three major national-level cardiovascular and cerebrovascular centers, including chest pain center, heart failure center, atrial fibrillation center, cardiac rehabilitation center, and stroke center. Efforts are made to promote the percolation of appropriate peritoneal dialysis technologies down to community healthcare centers and the implementation of other hospital-community linkage programs, including hierarchical diagnosis and treatment platform for COPD, three-stage rehabilitation medical system, and regional technical center for rational drug use. Songjiang Hospital was once among the winners of the award for “Shanghai Top 10 Innovative Measures of Healthcare Reform” in the first and second years. Songjiang Hospital was among the second batch of Shanghai Innovative Medical Service Brands. In 2018, Songjiang District was honored by the General Office of the State Council as the “district where public hospital reform is strictly enforced and takes obvious effects”. In 2020, Songjiang Hospital was among the first batch of 22 developing institutions of regional healthcare centers in Shanghai. In 2022, Songjiang Hospital was among the first batch of “pilot organizations for public hospital high-quality development in Shanghai”, which marks a new milestone in the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment reform.

Songjiang Hospital has been upholding the dean responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee. Songjiang Hospital has been sticking to the decision-making mechanism in relation to "major issues, major personnel appointments and dismissals” and promoting the comprehensive upgrade of party building. Other titles and honors won by Songjiang Hospital include the following: Tenth Shanghai Civilized Organization, Shanghai Advanced Grassroots Organization, Shanghai Health Promotion Hospital, Shanghai Red Flag Collective, and Shanghai Volunteer Service Base.