Ruijin Hospital

March 11, 2022 Share:

Ruijin Hospital was founded in 1907, formerly known as “Kuang-tse Hospital 廣慈醫院” and “Sainte-Marie Hospital”, and is a tertiary hospital rated as "Grade 3, Class A" and one of the National Medical Centers by the National Health Commission. The hospital has three campuses with a total land area of 290,667 square meters. It has 2,742 staffed beds and employs 5,788 professionals . The hospital boasts numerous medical experts with a high reputation both at home and abroad, including CHEN Zhu and CHEN Guoqiang as members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, WANG Zhenyi, CHEN Saijuan, and NING Guang as members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The hospital runs 48 clinical specialties, among which 23 are selected as national key ones, and 34 are qualified for conducting clinical trials as CDE base. It also houses 1 national key laboratory, 1 national clinical research center of Ministry of Science & Technology, 1 basic science center of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 4 key disciplines of the Ministry of Education, and 6 municipal-level research institutes. Leading with solid research accomplishment and curing the incurable with commitment, Ruijin Hospital always meets the challenges in the no man's land of medical technology. By mastering the cutting-edge therapy and adopting the team approach, we unite our strengths for the multidisciplinary treatment to the patients' trust and the medical fellows' recognition.

Today, our Proton Center for Tumor wholly owns the IPR of the critical technology developed by China solely; the first comprehensive national major scientific and technological infrastructure “National Facility for Translational Medicine (Shanghai)” integrates clinical medicine and basic research. As the forerunner in the digitalization of healthcare within the framework of "digital transformation for better life", Shanghai Digital Medicine Innovation Center has been established by Shanghai Municipal Government. Ruijin Hospital also serves on our cooperative campuses in Wuxi and Taicang (Jiangsu Province), Zhoushan (Zhejiang Province), and Boao (Hainan Province).

During the 14th “Five-Year Plan” during 2021-2025, Ruijin Hospital developed the "BE-QUIET" strategy, which emphasizes Branding, Evolving, Quality, Unity, Intelligent, Efficiency, and Technology. We will explore the pathways to modern hospital management, operating under one umbrella with functional modules and universal quality service. While marching to a mission as the national medical center and the regional medical center, Ruijin Hospital connects hospital, community, and public health systems into a value chain to form a seamless care net for the people. Aiming the total capacity of trauma and emergency rescue, we will build up a complex for the integrated normal-surge rescue; with digital technology, we will align with Yangtze Delta Regional resources to form a medical alliance of excellence; we will undertake the responsibilities of revolutionizing the industry focusing on the horizon of future medicine; we will strive to perform as a world-class hospital in Asia and linking to the partners in the Belt & Road Initiative.