Xinhua Hospital

March 11, 2022 Share:

Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao tong University School of Medicine was founded in 1958. It is the first comprehensive hospital designed and built by Shanghai since the founding of New China. With more than 60 year's efforts of all the medical workers at Xin Hua to make it prosperous, the hospital has become a modern comprehensive teaching institution with complete pediatrics and adult disciplines and distinctive characteristics, the number of outpatient and emergency care is among the highest in Shanghai municipal hospitals all the year round, and is able to provide patients with 0-100 years of age and full life cycle care. Xinhua Hospital has successively won such honorary titles as National Advanced Collective, National Advanced Unit of Health System, National Advanced Unit of Health Culture Construction of Health System, Shanghai Civilized Unit and Shanghai May Day Labor Certificate.

Xinhua Hospital covers an area of 261 mu (including about 152 mu in Fengxian Hospital), with a total building area of 256000 square meters. It has a complete set of disciplines and distinctive features. It has 60 clinical, medical and technical departments and diagnostic platforms, including internal, external, women's, children's, etc., more than 2450 open beds, and more than 3940 employees, including more than 2840 medical staff. It is the only comprehensive hospital with perinatal and complete pediatrics subspecialty among the three level hospitals in the city, and the first batch of national demonstration bases for early childhood development.

The hospital has maintained long-term friendly exchanges and cooperation with top hospitals and scientific research institutions in developed countries such as the United States, France, Canada, etc., strengthened personnel exchanges and academic cooperation in key medical fields, deepened international exchanges and cooperation based on projects, supported and assisted the international cooperation project of clinical research of the Xinhua University of Ottawa Medical School, the Xinhua Harvard multidisciplinary cooperation project Children's solid tumor team and Australian clinical research cooperation project have entered a new stage. Guided by the concept of "sharing, win-win and common development", we have always strived to strengthen communication, exchange and cooperation, consolidate and expand the practical cooperation fields, form a grid international academic exchange layout combining points and areas, and promote the all-round development of hospital medicine, teaching and research from an international perspective.

Xinhua has always adhered to the direction of public welfare medicine, actively promoted the homogenization development of regional pediatric medicine, and promoted the preliminary establishment of a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system for pediatrics. The construction of Xinhua East Medical Union won the title of "Innovative Medical Service Brand" in Shanghai. Since its establishment, Xinhua Hospital Alliance has 29 member units, gradually moving from loose cooperation to deep focus cooperation model. On this basis, the National Pediatrics Alliance of Comprehensive Hospitals and the Yangtze River Delta Pediatrics Medical Innovation Alliance, which were led to establish, will continue to try to transform to the Internet, so that the Xinhua brand can be further spread on the Internet.