Shanghai Children's Medical Center

March 11, 2022 Share:

Shanghai Children's Medical Center (SCMC) affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medcine was co-founded by Shanghai Municipal People's Government and Project HOPE in the 1990s. It was officially opened in 1998. The then President Jiang Zemin inscribed its name, and Hillary Clinton, the then first lady of the United States, came to the ribbon-cutting ceremony. In 2017, the hospital was granted as National Children's Medical Center. In May 2018, at the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the hospital, former President Donald Trump and the first lady of the United Satates posted a congratulation letter to the hospital.

SCMC has 31 clinical departments, 1500 beds capacity, among which 880 have been put into use. The specialities of the hospital includes: 1. It has very good international background for development. The hospital has partnership with more than 30 top international medical institutions in more than ten countries, and has set up 8 international joint laboratories / centers / bases. 2. The difficult and complicated level of cases diagnosed and treatmented in the hospital is at the forefront of municipal hospitals in Shanghai. It has 6 national key disciplines, national key clinical specialties and several provincial and ministerial-level key laboratories and research institutes.Pediatric Heart Center and Hematological Oncology Center are the world's largest children's diagnosis and treatment centers in the specialties. With well-structured medical education and research, the hospital represents the highest discipline level in the field in China. In recent years, hospital CMI has topped the children’s hospitals in China. Since 2019, it has been ranked first among children’s hospitals in the national public hospital performance assessment for three consecutive years 3. Medical quality in leading position. In 2010, the hospital passed JCI International Hospital Certification and was certified as the first children's hospital in China; in 2018, it won Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Gold Award. 4.Significant achievements have been made in sceintific innovation. In recent years, the number of National Natural Science Foundation grant forefront of national children's hospitals. Successively won 8 National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology (accounting for more than half of the total awards for children's hospitals nationwide) as the first author’s institution (or first co-author’s institution). 5. Proactively shouldering social responsibilities. The hospital was the first to set up medical and social work department in China (in 1998); the first to launch training programs for pediatric medical personnel in the western and northeastern regions (in 2002); the first to carry out "Belt and Road Initiative" aid program (in 2012); the first to carry out "No Cry Program" (in 2014) ... the hospital won multiple honorary awards, and won the title of National Civilized Unit in 2017. 6. Three branches in Hainan, Fujian and Guizhou have been approved to become national regional medical centers. In 2022, the hospital became the only children's specialized hospital selected as the high-quality development pilot unit of public hospitals in Shanghai.