National Facility for Translational Medicine (Shanghai)

June 24, 2022 Share:

National Research Center for Translational Medicine·Shanghai (the Center for short hereinafter), which is a national key scientific infrastructure, was formally approved to be founded by National Development and Reform Commission in July 2013, and entered full operation in the end of 2020. With an aim to promote the translation of frontier technologies and the findings of basic medical research into clinical practices, the Center is focused on four major types of threatening diseases: cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, as well as infectious and immunological diseases. Oriented to the major prospective scientific questions during the occurrence, development and prognosis of the above diseases, supported by disciplines of modern medicine, mathematics, statistics, and biotechnological, physical, chemical and bioinformatics technologies, and through promoting combination and integration between medicine and science/engineering, medicine and life science, basic medicine and clinical medicine, clinical medicine and preventive medicine, the Center tries to establish a multidimensional, integrative, dynamic and sustainable model of synergistic innovation, and build innovative systems and mechanisms for the formation of research structures, culturing of personnel and translation of research findings. The Center lay emphasis on the building up of core facilities for translational study including research wards and pathogenic study platforms which are crucial for the development of 4P (predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory) medicine, to improve clinical studies in China and develop standardized diagnosis and treatment protocols which keep to the norms of GCP. Bio-bank that meets international standards has been set up. In addition, the Center gives priority to the development of platforms for the discovery and validation of biomarkers related to early diagnosis, treatment, prediction and prognosis of the diseases and their drug targets, as well as the building up of key supporting technological platforms including R&D platforms for new drugs, diagnostic reagents and equipments that are indispensable to translation medical research. The Center will accelerate the building up of innovative medical systems and boost pharmaceutical industry in China. Furthermore, the Center will promote the combination of industry, universities and institutions and thus contribute to the transformation of development models of pharmaceutical industry in China.The Center also helps to reinforce the interactions of different disciplines and strengthen the synergies among them, which can enhance the comprehensive scientific strength of China. In the meanwhile, the Center will serve as an incubator for the culturing of world-class talents for translational medical research.