Shanghai Key Laboratory of Sleep Disordered Breathing

June 24, 2022 Share:

On December 11, 2018, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission issued the“Notice on the Establishment of Shanghai Key Laboratory Construction in 2018”, and “Shanghai Key Laboratory of Sleep Disordered Breathing”was successfully approved. After years of effort, this key laboratory has formed an energetic team consisting of chief physicians/professors, deputy chief physicians/associate professors, talented young physicians/teachers and visiting professors. An innovative research team with the interdisciplinarity cooperation between clinical medicine with basic medicine, preventive medicine, environmental medicine, pharmacy, materials science was formed. The laboratory has 1 person in the Million Talents Project of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, 3 persons won the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 person as Yangtze River Scholar, 2 persons as 973 Program Chief Scientist, 2 persons as Shanghai Leading Talents, 1 person as Shanghai Excellent Academic Leaders, 2 persons in Hundred Talents Program of Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission, 1 person in Academic Leader and New Hundred Talents Program of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, 1 person in Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan and Tracking Program. For the key laboratory members, 32 were members of national social organizations, 25 were members of social organizations of Shanghai.For the proper diagnosis and treatment of OSAHS, the laboratory’s scientific research and technical personnel master and routinely carry out a variety of work including genetic screening, biochemical testing, imaging evaluation, organ function measurement, conservative treatment, surgical indication development, individualized surgical treatment, advanced perioperative management, and etc., which are domestically leading and partially reach internationally recognized advanced levels. At present, the key laboratory has over 1,500 square meters of experimental sites and experimental equipments worth more than 50 million yuan. There are 63 full-time researchers, more than 10 visiting researchers, and nearly 50 doctoral and postgraduate students now working in the key laboratory. In order to further improve independent innovation capability of the laboratory and better serve the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, Shanghai Key Laboratory of Sleep Disordered Breathing effectively integrates high-quality resources in the clinical and basic fields of sleep breathing disorders in our hospital, in and out Shanghai, in China and at abroad, to build a stronger and more efficient research platform. It strives to achieve iconic original results in key areas such as etiology, genetic and environmental interactions, disease occurrence and development mechanisms, biomarkers, diagnostic and therapeutic new technology and clinical transformation applications. Supported by high-end technology supporting systems and innovation platforms of diagnosis and treatment of sleep disordered breathing , it utilizes Internet of Things technology and big data advantages of China's huge patient population to establish original, predictive, preventive, individualized and participatory modern medicine model and diagnosis strategy adapted to China's national conditions for 4P sleep disordered breathing, ultimately building a scientific research team with world-class standards and certain influence in the field of sleep disordered breathing.