Shanghai Key Laboratory of Stomach Neoplasms

June 24, 2022 Share:

The Shanghai Key Laboratory of Stomach Neoplasms was approved by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission in December 2008 as a basic research laboratory based on Shanghai Institute of Digestive Surgery. The laboratory focus Shanghai's superior resources, conducting large-scale multi-center research, focus on early diagnosis, comprehensive treatment and molecular mechanisms of gastric cancer, proceeding from molecular epidemics, serum markers and advanced endoscopic techniques, respectively. The laboratory will build up clinically useful method, procedures and standards for early diagnosis, comprehensive treatment of gastric tumors based on multicenter studies of a large number of cases,. The prospective molecular markers found in the high-throughput "omics" analysis were returned to clinical pathology specimens of gastric cancer for multicenter, large sample validation. With the combination of clinical phenotype and biological behavior characteristics, setup a new scientific standard for gastric cancer molecular classification. To table a proposal more scientific, reasonable, and easy to be promoted clinically, and early diagnosis, personalized treatment and predict chemotherapy efficacy of gastric cancer. Explore the development of gastric cancer cell and molecular mechanisms and mechanism-based comprehensive treatment. The use of molecular biology, cell biology, pathology, immunology, and the newly developed research methods such as "omics"; and the integration of basic research and clinical treatment to solve clinical practical problems. The laboratory relies on the solid strength of Ruijin Hospital, combine with the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Medical College) to integrate all the teams, material and financial resources of the discipline. The research fields of this laboratory are: 1) comprehensive treatment of gastric cancer; 2) early diagnosis of gastric cancer; 3) molecular mechanism of occurrence and recurrence and metastasis of gastric cancer. The are many projects were being proceeded, which got from national and local govement. The laboratory got many Science and Technology prize. This laboratory is based on disciplines-surgery is the national key discipline of the "211 Project", the National Key Clinical Specialization Department of the Ministry of Health, and the key disciplines of Shanghai , Shanghai Municipal Education Commission's, Shanghai Medical key Disciplines, and Shanghai Clinical Medical Center of Minimally Invasive Surgery.