Shanghai Key Laboratory of Endocrine Tumor

June 24, 2022 Share:

Shanghai Key Laboratory of Endocrine Tumor was established in October 2004 and passed the acceptance organized by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission in December 2007. Relying on Ruijin Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College, the current laboratory director is Professor Wang Weiqing. The laboratory has formed a systematic biological research system of endocrine and metabolic diseases based on the concept of translational medicine. While focusing on clinical diagnosis and treatment of hereditary endocrine and metabolic diseases and the pathogenesis and epidemiology of chronic non infectious metabolic diseases, the laboratory focuses on the construction of a clinical diagnosis and treatment, prevention, early warning and research and development system of endocrine and metabolic diseases. The system will further rely on the professional clinical research public service platform and collaborative research network, and is committed to carrying out large-scale, forward-looking, multi center, high-quality research on clinical diagnosis and treatment standards. It has formed a team with reasonable echelon level, unity and forge ahead, vigor and innovation. The laboratory has explored a set of effective laboratory management and operation mechanisms, and has become the most complete and advanced endocrine and metabolic disease laboratory in China. It has entered the international forefront in the research and clinical diagnosis and treatment of endocrine and metabolic diseases, cultivated a high-level scientific research team, gathered a number of top talents in this field, and formed a virtuous circle of academic upload, help and guidance. Based on the principles of openness, competition, collaboration and development, the laboratory, together with scientists in this field in Shanghai, China and even the world, has carried out cooperative research on endocrine and metabolic diseases in various ways; On the basis of the existing research, improve the construction of the research platform for endocrine and metabolic diseases, expand new research directions in this field, and create a number of internationally leading academic achievements. The laboratory will further strengthen the construction of medical science and technology innovation system, strive to build itself into a highland of clinical medicine and transformation research, accelerate the development of endocrine and metabolic disease prevention technology with new organizational model and operating mechanism, and become the most complete and advanced endocrine tumor laboratory at home and abroad.