Shanghai Key Laboratory of Biliary Tract Disease Researc

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Shanghai Key Laboratory of Biliary Tract Disease Research (SKLBTD), formerly known as Research Institute of Biliary Tract Disease, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, was founded in December 2019 and running by the Department of General Surgery,based on in the Department of General Surgery, Xinhua Hospital affliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, . Since the establiehment, and  it built up a close tie and collaboration jointly established with several prestigious medical centers including Ruijin Hospital and Renji Hospital which are renowned in the treatment of biliary tract diseases.famous hospitals in Shanghai (such asi.e.  Ruijin Hospital, Renji Hospitaletc.) with their own characteristics in  the diagnosis, treatment and research of biliary tract diseases. The founding and current SKLBTD directors are Prof. Yingbin Liu and Prof. Wei Gong, respectively, which are the former and current Department Chiefs of General Surgery of Xinhua Hospital. SKLBTD has a laboratory area ofwith more than 1000 m2 and several research platforms such as molecular biology, cell biologyculture, animal model, biochemical detection, molecular pharmaceutical target screening, metabolomics and bioinformatics,  and mass spectrometry facility, etc. It is capable of to carrying out multiple functional and mechanistic m research in the field of biliary tract diseases at all different levels, from genesgenetic to, cellulars and to whole animals models. It is currently aiming at translating what has been found in the laboratory into clinical application. The laboratory has established the goal of “building a biliary tract disease prevention and drug target screening system based on mechanism research and translational medicine” and To achieve the goal of “from bench side to bed side”. sSeveral closed related research directions projects are running in the lab : (1) Construction of cellular and animal models of biliary tract tumors; (2) Molecular mechanism of occurrence, development, recurrence and metastasis of biliary tract tumors; (3) Early diagnosis and precise treatment of biliary tract tumors; (4) Diagnosis and treatment of congenital diseases of biliary tract system; (5) Biliary tract infection and calculi and their metabolic causes.SKLBTD has 6 full-time principal investigator (PI), 5 part-time PI, 5 doctoral student supervisors and 6 master student supervisors. At present, there are 29 researchers, 3 2 postdocs, 6 3 technicians and more than 30 20 postgraduates. In addition, the laboratory has established long-term collaboration with several reputed famous universities and research institutions in the worldabroad, and invited overseas scholars and experts scientists to join our center as visiting professors.SKLBTD has published over 100 papers in several well-known SCI journals such as Nature Genetics, Gut, Cancer Letters, Cell Death & Differentiation, Molecular Cancer and Journal of the American College of Surgeons, etc. It also holds 7 diferent patents with 2 of whcih are in clinical trials. The laboratory has been supported by fundings from various sources including national and municipal science projects with the total of over 20 million. awarded with more than 30 national-level projects.