Shanghai Key Laboratory of Emergency Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Respiratory Infectious Diseases

June 23, 2022 Share:

Shanghai Key Laboratory of Emergency Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Respiratory Infectious Diseases relying on Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine was founded in Feb. 2021. The current laboratory director is Professor Jieming Qu. At present, the key laboratory plans to build a team with reasonable structure, valuing unity and progress, vigor and innovation, aiming to explore a set of effective laboratory management and operation mechanism. Following the path of "integration-innovation-development", also combining the national and municipal medium-to-long-term development plans, and relying on the prospective blueprint and strategic planning of Shanghai 2030, full advantage is taken from the strengths of the superior majors and disciplines in Shanghai universities and Shanghai health system, to take lead in the construction of comprehensive medical institutions with the strongest emergency and medical capabilities in the core urban areas, and ultimately, to build up a profoundly influential key laboratory. Research directions: 1.Realization of early warning, prevention and control of major respiratory infectious diseases, based on the key diagnostic technology platform for pathogen detection; 2. Exploration of the interaction and mechanism of respiratory infectious pathogens and hosts; 3. Construction of a research and development platform for anti-infective drugs.The three research directions focus on building the early warning, prevention, clinical diagnosis, treatment and research systems for respiratory infectious diseases. Through establishing an innovative model for early warning and prediction mechanism, a pathogen detection platform covering the whole system and a regional emergency research-practical system to build a normalized respiratory infectious disease treatment and research team with global vision for Shanghai.Functional orientation: This key laboratory intends to combine clinical and basic research, focusing on the respiratory viruses with strong virulence, common pathogenic bacteria with high drug resistance and high virulence, etc. With also combine the professional research institutions of respiratory infectious diseases, and coordinate the scientific research advantages to improve the ability and level of systematic confrontation. In order to enhance the level of systematic research on respiratory infectious diseases, incorporate urban early warning and emergency response into the research system. Will carry out integrated research as well as innovative exploration in basic research, clinical medicine and urban emergency response to establish an epidemic prevention and control system with a long-term operation mechanism and consistent protection for urban safety.