Dr Xia Qiang, president of Renji Hospital, reads letters from his child patients.

Health the best gift for International Children's Day

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Good health was the major theme of a series of celebrations for International Children's Day on Saturday.

A total of 100 children and minors who have undergone liver transplants at Shanghai's Renji Hospital returned to the hospital for a gathering to celebrate Children's Day and their recovery.

Among them, 40 received the surgery more than 10 years ago. The hospital set up its special children's section of liver surgery department 10 years ago.

Since carrying out its first pediatric liver transplant surgery in 2006, Renji has carried out more than 3,500 such surgeries, becoming the world's largest medical center for pediatric liver transplantation. Its children's section with 92 beds is the largest in the nation.

Health the best gift for International Children's Day

Su Junwei, who received a liver transplant in 2013, shares his experiences.

"Previous events usually invited children with recent surgery, it is the first time that we invited children with surgery over 10 years ago," said Dr Xia Qiang, president of Renji Hospital and a leading liver transplant expert.

"It is so great to see them, who have grown into big boys, girls and even adults. Surgery is the first step of their treatment. We are offering long-term management for each patient and their returning to the normal social life is our final aim. The 10-year survival rate in our hospital is over 90 percent."

In addition to domestic children, Renji also receives children from other countries.

"We have received over 40 expatriate children with liver transplant surgeries before the pandemic," Xia said.

"The service has finally resumed this year. One Malaysian child and one French child have received surgery this year and another Malaysian child will visit me next week. Our medical team also visited other countries to provide training, promote technology and conduct exchange this year."

In addition to liver transplant, myopia is a much more common issue. A myopia prevention and control event was launched on Saturday to arouse public awareness of myopia and promote health education.

Health the best gift for International Children's Day

Children and their parents participate in a healthy eye event organized by the Shanghai Health Commission on Saturday.

Shanghai has established a classified digital database and management system on children and minors' eye health screening, intervention and treatment. It is the nation's first eye growth database with millions of children, said Shanghai Health Commission.

The prevalence of myopia among local children and minors is about 60 percent.

So far, the database has included 3.89 million children and achieved a full coverage and annual renovation for effective monitoring, said officials from Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Control Center, the leader of the project.

The center has developed an AI-based eye health screening facility, and wearable myopia prevention equipment to promote a smart technology-aided myopia control system.

Source: SHINE

Author: Cai Wenjun

Editor: Yang Meiping