Shanghai medical experts offer free medical consultation for Tibetan patients.

Medical support for Tibet is the right prescription

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Medical support for Tibet is the right prescription

Dr Jiang Fan from Shanghai checks a Tibetan child.

Shanghai medical experts have been helping Tibetan hospitals improve their clinical ability, leading them to carry out many types of surgery for the first time, as well as conduct scientific research.

They have helped cultivate local medical staff and have built a long-term medical team.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine said it has sent eight medical teams to Tibet and brought there the latest technology and medical theories.

The school sent a delegation with top experts to the eighth medical team and toured around hospitals in Tibet to offer free medical consultations, giving training to local doctors and launching high-end surgery, officials said on Saturday.

It also organized long-distance group consulting with experts in Shanghai for complicated cases.

Dr Jiang Chuanhe, from Shanghai's Ruijin Hospital, led Shigatse People's Hospital to carry out the first investigation on high-altitude anemia patients and fulfilled the first epidemiological research on anemia patients in Shigatse. The research was published by a world-leading medical journal, which is also the first for the hospital.

Dr Hua Rong, from Shanghai Chest Hospital, fulfilled the first complicated esophagus cancer surgery in the region.

Medical support for Tibet is the right prescription

Experts from the medical delegation offer free medical consultation for local patients.

The delegation also visited a primary school which is supported by Shanghai and conducted health checkups and dental checks for students.

For students with problems, experts discussed detailed treatment plans with medics from Shigatse People's Hospital for follow-up solutions.

The delegation included experts in 10 departments including pediatrics, orthopedics, hematology and stomatology to guide local medics and give suggestions and direction on service processes, treatment plans and hospital management.

"The medical support has changed from a method of 'blood transfusion' to help local people improve their own 'blood-producing' ability," said Jiang Fan, the school's Party secretary and leader of the delegation. "It is a long-term solution."

The school has organized such medical service programs over the past six years. By organizing experts from its 12 affiliated hospitals to go to rural areas to offer free consultation and medical support, the programs allow patients to receive the best medical service near their home and help improve local capability.

Medical support for Tibet is the right prescription

Top experts guide local medics to fulfil complicated surgery.

Source: SHINE Editor: Yang Meiping

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