Cover Figure: Jiang Daiji, majoring in 2018 clinical medicine (pediatrics)

Jiang Daiji: Promote SJTUSM Spirit with Actions

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My parents, both seasoned and dedicated teachers for many years, guided me through public speaking and hosting. In my primary and secondary school years, participation in art festivals and public speaking contests boosted my confidence. Thanks to my parents’ cultivation and respect for my choice of major, I enrolled successfully in my dream school SJTUSM.

At the opening convocation for freshmen, the sonorous and powerful oath of medical students resounded in the auditorium. The play “Virtuous Peony” touched me deeply. The teacher greeted students with the words “SJTUSM welcomes you! Freely display your talents here, promote the spirit and character of SJTUSM, and speak up for your era.” This made me think deeply. How should I fulfill my love of medicine and promote the spirit of SJTUSM? How should I spend an unforgettable college life and deliver the school's spirit to more people?

After a few days of thinking, I made up my mind to promote the spirit of SJTUSM by my own actions.

My Growth and Study in SJTUSM

Live up to the youth with the endeavor. During my college years, I worked hard to gain knowledge of pediatrics and was among the best in academic performance. I won a scholarship and was exempted from the admission exam for the professional master's degree in pediatrics. I also won the Second Prize in the National College Student Physics Competition, the S Award in Mathematical Contest in Modeling, the title of the School's Merit Student, and Model Student honor in military training. During my studies, I participated in the performances of the original play “Virtuous Peony” three times, presenting the sincerity and integrity of great masters of medicine. I served as Vice Chairman of the Minhang District Youth League Committee and contributed to social work to serve my peers. I also joined the study tour to the School of Pediatrics of the University of Manchester in the U.K. to expand my international horizons. In addition, I won the honor of Social Advanced Practicer. These moments and honors are all carved into my journey in medicine.

Innovation is the most shining medal of youth. My team members and I launched an innovation training program for college students. During the three-year scientific research study, we spent days and nights on experimental research. Finally, we completed the project with the support of the Shanghai University Student Innovation Training Program. As the co-first author, I published a review in theChinese Bulletin of Life Sciences, a core journal of Peking University, and published two research papers in SCI journals such asBlood, with a total impact factor of 32 points. Through these experiments, I truly understand the importance of carrying out knowledge in practice.

Promote SJTUSM Spirit with Audio and Video

In addition to my busy schedule, spreading the word about medicine and speaking up for SJTUSM has become my daily routine after school. These practices have also contributed to my growth and transformation. As a Model Student in military training, I signed up again as a Training Teacher to accompany my fellow students in military training and lead them to achieve great results in speech contests. As a student representative, I co-hosted the 521 Anti-Pandemic Reading Meeting with Lu Ping, a renowned teacher titled National Golden Microphone. We praised the courage of those warriors who had gone against the trend during the pandemic. As a medical student, I shouldered the responsibility, engaged in volunteer services in shelters and quarantine hotels, escorted visitors, and carried out the spirit of SJTUSM. As a contestant, I proudly introduced SJTUSM on CCTV News Weekly program and won the first prize in the national Guangming Live Broadcast. Behind these accomplishments was my experience of hosting more than 30 large-scale ceremonies and lectures. More importantly, the school’s mission of “serving the motherland and the people” motivated me in many ways.

At work, I find ways to help audiences from all walks of life and in different scenarios understand and remember the message delivered by the program. As the host of the “Great Pediatrician” series of interviews, I promoted the brand of SJTUSM Pediatrics by live broadcasts. The hard work and reflection enabled me to appreciate the beauty and eternity of hope among all things.

“The future belongs to the youth, and hope lies in the youth.” As a young member at SJTUSM, I have grown and matured in some ways. This has only added to the responsibility on my shoulders. I recall the words of Professor Ding Wenxiang, the great master of pediatrics: “The happiest thing in my life is to be a pediatrician.” A sense of responsibility arises in my heart. In the future, I will continue to study and research in the group led by Professor Zhang Hao. I would like to contribute my part on the arduous and promising road of medicine and harvest a wonderful and beautiful life!