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2022暑期线上游学 2022 Ottawa Summer School



2022 Ottawa Summer School


由于疫情的影响,21级的小鹦鹉们仍无法奔赴国外进行游学。今年,同学们继续通过Brightspace连线千里之外的渥太华大学,进行线上暑期游学。在参加完渥太华大学热情的orientation之后,我们的summer school正式开始啦。

在这个暑假里,我们进行了三门课程的学习: ANT (Social and cultural anthropology)HSS (Determinants of health), PSY ( Introduction to psychology: applications)

Due to the impact of the pandemic, we were still unable to travel abroad for study tours. This year we continued to get in touch with the University of Ottawa thousands of miles away from home through Brightspace for an online summer school. After the warmly orientation of University of Ottawa, our summer school officially began.

During this summer vacation, we studied three courses: HSS (Determinants of health), APA (Physical activity in a global health perspective), ANT (Social and cultural Anthropology).




ANT: Social and cultural anthropology

Social and Cultural Anthropology这门课程中,我们学习了人类学在解释社会现象、分析社会问题等方面的作用。教授通过PPT、文献、广播等多种多样的资料为我们讲授了人类学的知识,并提供了鲜活的案例来让我们进行分析。别具一格的教学方式令课堂不再只是拘泥于知识和课本,而是真正地走入了社会,为我们提供了应用知识的绝佳场景。在暑期的课程中,我们不仅是学到了知识,运用了知识,更多的是学到了一种对待知识的态度。相信这会对我们未来的医学生涯大有裨益。

In the lecture of Social and Cultural Anthropology, we've learnt to explain social phenomenon and analyze problems in the society from an anthropological perspective. Through the various slides, literature and podcasts, the professor impart knowledge to us by providing concrete cases for us to analyze. This unique way of teaching provided us with the best real-time scenario to apply what we have learnt in class. Through the summer courses, we not only learnt and applied our knowledge, but also obtained a new attitude towards knowledge. I believe this will help us a lot in the future.



HSS: Determinants of health



In the HSS course, we mainly learnt about the various factors that affect health in daily life, the effects and illnesses caused by the imbalances of certain factors, and how to adopt a healthier lifestyle. In the course, the teacher adopted a combination of lectures, videos and textbooks to make us remember the content more deeply. At the same time, further readings recommended by the professor were also carefully selected, so that students who were interested in a certain aspect knew where to expand their knowledge after class. In the course, we could also interact with the professor and contact them by email. The professor would always respond to us promptly regardless of the time difference. At the end of the course, the teacher recorded a farewell video for us. The teacher-student interaction was heart-warming.



PSY :Introduction to psychology: applications

PSY是一⻔⼼理学课程,内容包括关于⼈格发展,⼼理疾病及其治疗⽅法和压⼒管理等。课程包括教学视频和电影观赏等不同教学⽅法,使得学⽣们能从多⽅⾯了解课题。教授的课件⾥包含由课题中延伸的内容,这能激发同学们对课题的好奇⼼,让我们更有动⼒去知道更多有关⼼理学的知识。另外, 电影观赏为课题提供了具体的例⼦,比如由’Stanford Prison Experiments’的记录⽚中可以知道⼈的⾏为和社交环境有关;完成电影后需要写一段⼩感想给教授,教授亦会根据你的观点进⾏回覆,因此即使是线上教学,也能有友善的老师交流的机会。

PSY is a psychology course which focuses on the development of personality, psychological disorders & treatments and how to manage stress, etc. There were regular tutorial videos and film assignments for us to learn those topics in different ways. The slides included not only the details that we need to know for exam but also the supplementary notes that cultivated our interest in psychology. Moreover, the films provided concrete examples to help us understand what we have learned in the course. Take the documentary ‘Stanford Prison Experiment’ as an example, it illustrated that human behaviour is affected by social situations. After watching the film, we were asked to give some feedback of the movie and professor Schindler would reply to us and share some of his thoughts too.. Even though the course was delivered online, the close & intimate conversations of the course made it as if we were having face- to-face lessons.



This summer school program enabled students to have access to the courses in University of Ottawa at home. Thanks to various online platforms such as Zoom and Brightspace, students were able to have real-time interaction with their professors, acquire new knowledge and maximize their summer vacation.