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Pre-med医学预科特色课程——牛津展望计划Organismal Biology


Pre-med医学预科特色课程——牛津展望计划Organismal Biology

Pre-med Programme – Organismal Biology in Oxford Prospects Programmes


上海-渥太华联合医学院借鉴北美医学课程体系,新生入学后第一学年主要为Pre-medicine(医学预科)课程。Pre-medicine课程强调课程的国际化设置和英语语言能力的培养,聘请全球优秀教师参与授课。Organismal BiologyPre-medicine课程体系中一门非常具有特色的课程,今年学院与牛津大学摄政学院牛津全球发展与展望研究院(Oxford Prospects and Global Development InstituteOPGDI)合作,邀请牛津大学相关学系及专业的教授、博士后等组成教师团队,对课程进行全新的设计,并采用在线方式开展远程授课。

Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine (OSJSM) provides the Pre-medicine Programme for students in the first academic year based on the North American Medical Education System. The Pre-medicine Programme focuses on the internationalization of curriculum provision and the development of English language skills, and outstanding teachers from around the world are employed to give lectures. Organismal Biology is a distinctive Pre-medicine Programme jointly developed by OSJSM and Oxford Prospects and Global Development Institute (OPGDI) at Regent’s College, University of Oxford. It is designed and taught online by a team of professors and post-doctors from relevant departments and specialties at University of Oxford.


Organismal Biology课程旨在激发学生对科学问题和地球上生命进化现实的好奇心。内容涉及科学方法、进化论、生态学、保护生物学以及地球生命历史等。课程从多个角度介绍这些不同的主题,例如解读查尔斯·达尔文和其他科学家的科学贡献,研究动植物变异性的形态学和遗传学基础,探讨物种是如何形成、适应环境以及灭绝等问题。此外,课程还涵盖了生态学和保护生物学的主题等。

Organismal Biology aims to inspire students’ curiosity about scientific issues and the evolutionary history of life on Earth. It covers scientific methodology, evolution theory, ecology, conservation biology, and the history of life on Earth. These topics are introduced from multiple perspectives, such as unpacking the contributions of Charles Darwin and other scientists to the science, examining the morphological and genetic basis of plant and animal variability, and discussing how species form, adapt to the environment, and become extinct. The Programme also includes ecology, conservation biology and others topics.


课程学生手册(Handbook)Course Handbook

Introduction Session开启了直播连线的第一课

Introduction Session, the first live session




The 5-week online programme was carried out with Chaoxing for pre-recording and ZOOM for live stream. The lectures were pre-recorded by lecturers and were available online according to the teaching schedule, and live seminars were held twice a week on average. The seminar was conducted in small groups to discuss the weekly lecture topic. After completing each pre-recorded lecture, students were required to read relevant materials, pose at least one to two questions related to the course contents, and actively participate in group discussions. The seminars helped students better comprehend the course contents by discussing with their peers, and gave students a chance to practice their oral presentation and teamwork.


Pre-recorded lectures are available in Chaoxing




Teachers and students discuss questions in weekly seminar




The Programme applied diverse online teaching and resource tools to ensure the full function of online teaching activities. In addition to Chaoxing and ZOOM, students can access to courseware and supplemental reading materials through the network disc. Besides, a WeChat group was started for discussion before class. The WeChat group contained students, OPGDI’s teaching assistant team members, technical support staff, and Chinese teaching affairs staff. It served as a platform for updating and providing information, and for members to answer questions from students, which builds a pathway for communicating effectively during cloud-based learning.


Multiple forms of course assessment were used to assess students by course attendance, midterm open-book test, group report on individual performance, and final test.




Student Testimonials

从开课前的超级详细的Course Outline到课上Professor细致的答疑讲解和提问互动,课程的每一个环节都让我感受到教学团队的认真负责和Organismal Biology这门学科的独特魅力。每个Lecture上课前,Professor会额外准备一些文献材料给我们扩充知识、了解背景,在Seminar上会抛出具有思考启发性的问题让同学们思辨,让同学们在讨论中获得启迪。课程体验轻松有趣,同时收获满满!

From the carefully-detailed Course Outline to the Professor's meticulous explanation and interesting interaction, every step of the course made me feel the unique charm of Organism Biology. Before each Lecture, the Professor will prepare some additional literature materials for us to enlarge our knowledge and have a better understanding of the background. In the Seminar, the Professor will throw out thought-provoking questions for us to think and provide a platform for us to debate. After the discussion we all gain a deeper insight into the topic as well as broaden our horizon. The course experience was relaxing and interesting, helpful and fruitful!

——21级英五班  吴依霖

- Wu Yilin, Class 5, Grade 2021


The course was well organized, which was not only connected with medicine, but also enlightened me to do research in the future. The teachers explained the concepts and some details clearly. In the seminar class, the teachers patiently answered our questions, and inspired us to think critically. Overall great experience!

——21级英五班  石佳颖

- Shi Jiaying, Class 5, Grade 2021


In organismal biology course, professors not only cast light on the knowledge of organism evolution, but navigate us to contemplate how the theories were established based on experiment data and strict logic. Under the pattern of seminar where we feel closed to professors, we learn to think about problems critically and prospectively through discussion and reflection.

——21级英五班  周佳杰

- Zhou Jiajie, Class 5, Grade 2021


In this course, the professors request us to think and ask questions from the content of the class. Different from the traditional teaching mode, professors will help our further understanding through seminars, class discussions, etc. With the help of the mode, we gain deeper understanding of what we have learnt in class, and the expansion of the cutting-edge theory really open our eyes. This teaching method allows us to have a deeper grasp of knowledge and I believe this kind of method is also beneficial in our scientific research in the future.

——21级英五班 陈沁祎

- Chen Qinyi, Class 5, Grade 2021