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    Ottawa was chosen to act as the capital of Canada by Queen Victoria of Britain in 1857 owing to its convenience in trade. It is the 5th largest Canadian city and then the seventh coldest capital in the world. No sooner had we stepped into the city than we immersed in the sunshine and multidimensional city culture.


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    The University of Ottawa—rank 176th in the world and seventh in Canada—offers limitless possibilities. As the oldest English-French bilingual university in Canada and largest in the world, uOttwa also takes its place in the top range of Medical departments in Canada.


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    On arrival, we participated in the Orientation, got a basic understanding of the culture and study tips. After that, we toured around the campus.

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            At least one third of the time in Ottawa is spent in dormitories, so the quality of living conditions largely determines the quality of life here. And the dormitory conditions of the university of Ottawa are so good that someone even questioned that -- "the conditions are so good, how can students here study hard? "The "presidential suite", shared by two people, not only has two separate spacious bedrooms, a bathroom that doesn't leak as long as you take a shower carefully, but also a small living room that functions as a kitchen and dining room. The dormitories are completely better than that in China.I am wondering that whether we can get used to the dormitories when we back to China?


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The scenery is infinitely good, but it takes time to recover from the jet lag. Early in the morning, looking from the dormitory on the tenth floor, the light from the cloud looks pale, and the light from the buildings is dim. Every night at 7 or 8 o 'clock, I feel as tired as if I had stayed up all night, but in the morning at 4 or 5 o 'clock, I feel as refreshed as if I have just finished the class. Let time work out this wonderful change in time!

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    On Tuesday morning, we had our first lecture in the University of Ottawa. The three courses that we had to take include Social and Culture Anthropology, Introduction to Psychology: Applications and English for Academic Purposes for Medicine. During the Anthropology lectures, apart from her words, the professor had also used Podcast and documentary to enrich our learning experience and to have a better understanding on the ways of human life, cultures and social systems. While for the psychology lectures, the professor gave us a brief introduction on Darwin’s evolutionary theory, natural and artificial selection, hereditary and genetics, and sociobiology. For the English lecture, the professor used several exercises to improve our listening and speaking skills. Despite of the tight schedule, we all had a fun time in this western teaching and learning style. Let’s wait and see what the lectures next week will bring us!





  看,大蜘蛛! 这是加拿大国立美术馆,位于渥太华市中心,是一座充满着各个时期欧洲与加拿大艺术珍品的历史悠久的博物馆,门口的大蜘蛛是它大胆独特的标志。赶上每周四的博物馆免费游览时间,下课后,我们便步行于此。身处艺术殿堂,充满激情的作品让我们有些眩目,内心也时刻充满震撼。

Because university of Ottawa has unique geographical advantages, our students can deeply understand the culture of the city besides the busy study.

Look at that, the giant spider! The national gallery of Canada, located in downtown Ottawa, is a historic museum filled with European and Canadian art treasures of all ages, and the big spider at the gate is its bold and unique symbol. Catching the free museum tour every Thursday, after class, we got there. In the palace of art, we are dazzled by passionate works of great artists, and shocked from the bottom of our heart.

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  Another beautiful tourist attraction within our reach is parliament hill. As an important historical and political monument in Canada, it attracts thousands of visitors every year. Taking advantage of a half-day holiday, we followed the history and walked to parliament hill. Looking up at the gothic revival style of the magnificent buildings, and overlooking distant of modern city, watching the clear Ottawa river flowing from the foot, as if the time and space are divided at the moment.

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    In the morning, the sun has just risen, students begin to work. Boiling water, cooking noodles, heating oil, frying eggs. Smooth noodles, covered with golden fluffy fried eggs, supplemented by personal preferences; Or making tomatoes, soft-fried eggs, and lettuce sandwiched between slices of soft bread, creating a delicious sandwich. With a cup of warm milk, a new morning starts.

    At noon, it is usually the time for students to experience the local culture. You can see the potato with large amount and the meat roll which you don't know whether to use knife and fork or to hold directly. Without the familiar white rice, you can feel the strong cultural difference.

In the evening, it's time for chefs to show off their skills in the communal kitchen, where ingredients from the supermarket experience a magical difference. Some do as the Romans do, pasta, lasagna, exotic cuisine can’t daunt them; Some recall once, kung pao chicken, twice-cooked pork, bring nostalgic hometown taste to a foreign land.

    At night, everything is ready for the new day.











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Something you should know about Canada


Watch out the buttons. Nearly all doors here have a button for disabilities to ensure their unobstructed access, which is a rare thing in China. Moreover, if you want to cross the road or get off the bus, please find the button and push it, or you’ll be like an idiot.


Canada has a plan which has been trying to make sure every cup of tap water is drinkable. That’s why they can achieve the plastic free goal (people don’t need to buy bottle water at all). Canada is the country which has the safest tap water, all you need to do is to overcome your psychological block, get a cup of tap water and drink it. But it’s not hot enough to make coffee, what a pity.


The price tag is not true here, which means you need to pay tax and tips additionally. On usual, the tax is 13% of the price tap and if you are in a restaurant, it’s a traditional rule to pay a tip for your waiter or waitress, which is normally 15% of the sum of consumption.


In Canada, I found that only Asian girls hold umbrellas to prevent the rain and the sun lights. Canadian girls seem don’t like umbrellas that much.


Take good care of your credit card here. Because when paying with your credit card, you just need to put the card on the machine without typing password or signature.