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> Shanghai Institute of Immunology (SII) Successfully Held Graduates Recruitment Summer Camp 2016-07-11
> The Foundation of Shanghai Institute of Immunology Immune and Microenvironmental Related Diseases Research Center 2016-06-21
> Working Group on Comprehensive Reform and Inspection of Shanghai Municipal Education Visited Shanghai Institute of Immunology(SII) 2016-05-16
> The Successful Holding of the 6th SII Club-Aiming for SCI on the Basis of Our Own Journal 2016-05-13
> Israel Hebrew University Vice President Visited Shanghai Institute of Immunology with His Delegation 2016-04-09
> Shanghai Institute of Immunology, BD China and the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) jointly Signed Chinas First Comprehensive Promotion of Flow Cytometry Strategic Cooperatio 2016-03-24
> Institute of Immunology PI Deng Liufu and Zou Qiang elected to the 12th National "Overseas High-level Young Talents Program" 2016-03-16
> Director Su Bing visited Suzhou Xinda Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to discuss colaboration 2016-02-02
> Dr. Honglin Wang‘s lab revealed unrecognized mechanism for MSC therapy in Th17-mediated autoimmune diseases 2016-02-02
> Dr. Wang Honglin’s Group Revealed a Novel Mechanism of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs)-Mediated Immune Regulation 2016-02-02
> The 4th Shanghai Institute of Immunology Club - To all the memories that SII brought us 2015-12-29
> 2015 Annual Retreat of Department of Immunology and Microbiology 2015-12-24
> 2015 Forum on Advancements in Immunology Research convened successfully 2015-11-26
> 2015 SII Graduate Summer School - “Advancements on Immunology: from Bench to Bedside” 2015-08-15
> Nature Communications published online paper about MEKK3 from professor Bing Su laboratory 2015-08-04

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