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Immunology unprecedentedly expanded in basic and translational research in the last decade. Progress has been made at molecular, cellular, genetic level and innovative immunological interventions. At molecular level, more and more studies have built up the concept that posttranscriptional regulation and posttranscriptional modification play crucial roles in immune homeostasis and disease beyond transcription and translational control. From the cellular point of view, immunometabolism has caught large attention, new immune cell populations have been characterized such as innate lymphoid cells, the immunocyte family is still growing. Genetically, next-generation sequencing, single cell sequencing and gene-editing technology not only provide unprecedented power for research but also make precision medicine closer to real. Unraveling the role of microbiota in health and disease has opened a brand new field for current immunology. In renovation, tumor immunotherapy is not only fascinating the immunology field but also rekindle the hope for cancer patients and others.

Shanghai Institute of Immunology (SII), established in 1979, was the first research institute in China dedicating to immunology research. SII is now affiliating to Shanghai Jiao Tong University and jointly supported by local and central governments. Keeping pace with the progress of immunology, Research in SII cover a broad spectrum of immunological topics but focus on a few major directions including mucosal immunology, autoimmunity, tumor immunology and infection immunity et al. Through our basic research in immunology, we’re trying to bridge bench and bedside for the benefit of patient care, so that we conduct research in human immunology and clinical immunology together with affiliated hospitals of Shanghai Jiao Tong University as well.

SII now has 23 independent research groups and has strong liaisons with other universities and institutes worldwide. SII also mentors postdoctoral research fellows, graduate students and undergraduates in great efforts. The age of immunology is now. SII pursues collaborating with all the colleagues and supporters to facilitate the health of human being!


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