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About Current Immunology

Current Immunology (previously Shanghai Journal of Immunology) was founded in 1981. It is the first journal specialized in immunology. The first Editor-in-Chief is Dr. He Yu, professor of immunology and microbiology. Current Immunology is a bimonthly journal co-hosted by Shanghai Immunology Society and Shanghai Institute of Immunology.

For 35 years, Current Immunology has been taken care of and supported attentively by senior immunologists and microbiologists including past Editor-in-Chief, former Chairman of Microbiology and Immunology Professional Committee, Chinese Society for Microbiology, Vice President of Shanghai Society for Microbiology Prof. Deyuan Lu; former Vice President of Chinese Society for Immunology, former President of Shanghai Immunology Society Prof. Kuangyen Chou; Professor Feiqing Lin of Shanghai Medical College; Professor Xin Yao at Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor Tianxing Ye of Shanghai Second Military Medical University, et al.

Since its inception, Current Immunology aims to serve the Chinese immunology community to publish papers in all areas of immunology. Areas covered include, but not limited to, basic immunology, clinical immunology, immunological techniques and the latest immunological advances.

“Experts Editorials” and “Forum for Young Scholars” columns invite young as well as renowned scholars to contribute their review articles for the Journal. Current Immunology is indexed by Chinese literature databases such as China Natural Science Core Journals, China Biomedicine Core Journals, China Basic Medicine Core Journals.

Professor Bing Su, Director of Shanghai Institute of Immunology, Chinese “Overseas High-level Talents” Scholar, and Professor Kuangyen Chou, serve as Co-Editor-in-Chiefs. Professor Liming Lu is Deputy Editor-in-Chief.

Current Immunology strives to better serve the Chinese immunology community. To keep pace with the rapid advances in immunology, our expert editorial team initially reviews the submitted manuscripts and gives timely feedback to ensure and enhance the quality. Current Immunology places priority on fair and rapid review and speedy publication.

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