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> Shanghai Institute of Immunology 2020 Scientific Advisory Board and Peer Review Committee Meeting was successfully held 2020-12-31
> Dr. Feng Wang’s group published a research article in PNAS entitled “Bifidobacterium alters the gut microbiota and modulates the metabolism of Treg cells in the context of immune checkpoint blockade” 2020-10-29
> Online meeting of Tumor Immunology, Infection&Immune Metabolism of Basic Medical Sciences Subforum of 2020 SJTUSM International Online Forum for Young Scholars was successfully held 2020-06-11
> Wang Honglin group published an article in Science Advances, revealing that the human genomic "dark matter" has the potential to treat autoimmune diseases 2020-05-22
> SII 40 Years Anniversary & 3rd Yu He Lecture Inivitation 2019-09-27
> The latest collaborative research results in the British Journal of Pharmacology published by Li bin's research group 2019-07-19
> New mechanism of IL-33 release control 2019-07-19
> Metabolic Reprogramming of a Natural Compound from Boswellic Acids Improves Imiquimod Induced Mouse Model of Psoriasis 2019-07-18
> Ring finger protein 31-mediated atypical ubiquitination stabilizes forkhead box P3 and thereby stimulates regulatory T-cell function 2019-07-17
> Happy New Year 2018! 2018-02-11
> 2017 International Forum on Immunology successfully convened at Marseille, France 2017-12-23
> 2016 Immunological Diseases and Translation Research Forum Convened Successfully 2016-10-24
> 2016 Immunological Diseases and Translation Research Forum 2016-10-10
> US CST Company (Cell Signaling Technology, Inc) Visited Shanghai Institute of Immunology 2016-07-19
> Delegation of Xi an Jiaotong University Basic Medical College Visited Shanghai Institute of Immunology 2016-07-15

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