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Online meeting of Tumor Immunology, Infection&Immune Metabolism of Basic Medical Sciences Subforum of 2020 SJTUSM International Online Forum for Young Scholars was successfully held


On the morning of June 1st, the online meeting of Tumor Immunology, Infection & Immune Metabolism was successfully held. This meeting is part of the program of 2020 Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine International Online Forum for Young Scholars/International Young Scholars Forum on Medical Sciences of Shanghai University. Director of Shanghai Institute of Immunology (SII), Dr. Bing Su and 50 faculties and postdoctoral fellows of the Institute joined the invited young scholars in the open "cloud" academic exchange.


In 2019, the first International Young Scholars Forum was held on-site successfully. Due to COVID-19, this year’s forum was held online for the first time. The 2020 online forum attracted more than 200 outstanding young scholars from around the world, nearly half of whom are from the world's top 100 universities and internationally renowned research institutions. Dr. Qiang Zou, who joined Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine in 2016 as a young PI, shared his experience in scientific growth and insights on how to make continuous breakthroughs. He also explained how Shanghai Institute of Immunology provides an outstanding platform for young talents and a superb environment for his career development.


The “Tumor Immunology, Infection & Immune Metabolism “sub-conference held by SII attracted 43 young scholars from all over the world. After critical selection, the institute invited seven people to present at the sub-conference. Dr. Bin Li served as the Session Chair. Invited speakers presented their latest research results respectively on “Tuning Cytokine for Cancer Immunotherapy”, “Regulation of Intestinal IgA Responses”, “Immune Regulation of Type I Interferon Signaling in Tumor Progression and Metastasis”, “Relevant Pathway Supports Folate Metabolism”, “Targeting Tumour Environment-mediated Drug Resistance”, “Function of m6A RNA Methylation in Hematopoiesis”, etc. and had a warm exchange with the participants The successful holding of the Forum fully reflects the purpose of “Gathering Young Talents, Promoting International Exchange‘’.In his concluding speech, Dr. Bing Su thanked all the young scholars for their great support to the Forum and praised the excellent work. He pointed out that the future plan of the institute is to further focus on diseases-related basic immunology research, explore new models of basic and clinical cooperation research, and effectively strengthen international cooperation and exchanges. He sincerely invited the young scholars to devote to the development of immunology discipline and the institute, and contribute positively and significantly to the health of mankind.



written by:Jiaqi Wang, Xujiao Feng

revised by:Lijuan Fang, Lengsiew Yeap


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