• Name:Lei Shen

  • Office Location:Room 1202, No.5 Bldg., 280 South Chongqing Rd.,Shanghai

  • Telephone:86-021-63846590-776365



1990-1995 Nanjing Medical University B.S.

1995-2000 Nanjing Medical University Ph.D.


2001-2005 Baylor College of Medicine     Postdoctoral Fellow
2005-2012 Stanford University     Senior Research Scientist
2012-present Shanghai Institute of Immunology, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine     Principal Investigator

Research Interests

The research interest of our group focuses on the interaction between the immune system and metabolism in the context such as  metabolic diseases (T2D etc.) where immune cells modulate metabolic tissue inflammation and whole-body metabolism, and immune cells development where cell-intrinsic metabolic programs control the fate and function of immune cells.  Our current research directions include:  1.To define the immune mechanisms of obesity-induced insulin resistance; 2. To decipher the metabolic programs that control Innate Lymphoid Cells (ILC) development and function.

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10.  Schroers R, Shen L, Rollins L, Rooney CM, Slawin K, Sonderstrup G, Huang XF, Chen SY..Human telomerase reverse transcriptase-specific T helper responses induced by promiscuous MHC Class II-restricted Epitopes..Clinical Cancer Research,2003,9(13): 4743-4755.   [Link]

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Jingjing Zhang

Ph.D. Candidate (Class 2016)

Hongshen Niu

M.S Candidate (Class 2015)

Zhe Ji,Ph.D.

Associate Professor

JingJing Qi,M.S

Assistant Research Fellow

Shuai Wu

Ph.D. Candidate (Class 2014)

Yaru Xu

Ph.D. Candidate (Class 2015)

Lab Location:Room 1201, No.5 Bldg., 280 South Chongqing Rd.,Shanghai



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