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  • Name:Zhiduo Liu

  • Office Location:Room 107, No.7 Bldg., West Area, 280 South Chongqing Rd., Shanghai

  • Telephone:021-63846590-776749



1997-2001 WuHan University B.S.

2001-2009 Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences,Chinese Academy of Sciences. Ph.D.


2010-2016 National Institutes of Health     Postdoctoral Fellow
2016-Present Shanghai Institute of Immunology, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine       Principal Investigator

Research Interests

The microenvironment, where multiple cell types interact with each other for their self-renewal or certain function, represents those rare but biologically meaningful hotspots throughout anatomically heterogeneous tissues. I am particularly interested in employing different tools, including the state-of-art imaging, for the revelation and dissection of immune microenvironment under physiological or inflammatory conditions in the peripheral tissues, such as gut and lung.

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Siming Liu,Ph.D.

Assistant Research Fellow


Wenjing Yu,M.S



Xin Chen

2018 Ph.D. Canidate(2016 M.S. Candidate)


Shiqi Yang

2017 M.S. Candidate


Mengyao Li

2018 M.S. Candidate


Yao Ma

2019 M.S. Candidate


Yuhan Zheng


Lab Location:Room 107, No.7 Bldg., West Area, 280 South Chongqing Rd., Shanghai



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