• Name:Gonghua Huang

  • Office Location:Room 1207, No.5 Bldg., West Area, 280 South Chongqing Rd.,Shanghai

  • Telephone:86-021-63846590-776349



1992.09-1997.06 Gannan Medical University M.D.

2001.09-2004.09 Guangdong Medical College M.S.

2004.09-2007.06 Sun Yat-Sen University Ph.D.


1997.07-2001.08 Gannan Medical University     Tenured Faculty
2007.10-2013.08 St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital     Postdoctoral Fellow
2013.09-Present Shanghai Institute of Immunology, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine     Principal Investigator


Our research is to understand the signaling mechanisms that control the differentiation and function of T cells. Specifically, we are interested in the dendritic cell (DC)-mediated extrinsic control of T cell differentiation and function, by focusing on MAPK signaling pathways. We have used a combination of approaches including mouse genetics, cellular immunology and biochemistry, as well as models of autoimmune, allergic and infectious diseases (such as collagen-induced arthritis, multiple scoliosis, psoriasis, fungal infection and listeriosis, ect). Our results show that DCs employ p38a/MKP-1 signaling pathway to program different T cell lineage choices in various disease models (Huang et al. Immunity, 2011; Huang et al. Nat Immunol, 2012; Huang et al. J Immunol, 2013; Zheng et al. PNAS, 2018; Zheng et al. Sci Signal, 2018). We are also interested in the roles of cell type-specific MAPK in the pathogenesis of various disease models (Huang et al. Sci Signal, 2015; Shi et al. ATVB, 2017; Zhao et al. Front Immunol, 2018). Recently, we are exploring DC function in regulating inflammaging and characterizing the crosstalk between the circadian clock and innate immunity and inflammaging. Significant insight into the physiological roles of signaling pathways could impact our understanding of fundamental mechanisms of immune regulation and manifest legitimate therapeutic opportunities.

Tingting Zheng,Ph.D.

Assistant Research Fellow

Ran Hu,M.S

Assistant Engineer

Baohua Zhang

Ph.D. Candidate (Class 2012)

Jingyu Ma

Ph.D. Candidate (Class 2014)

Deyun Meng

Ph.D. Candidate (Class 2016)

Miaomiao Han,Ph.D.

Assistant Research Fellow

Lab Location:Room 1211, No.5 Bldg., West Area, 280 South Chongqing Rd.,Shanghai



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