The Virtual Teaching and Research Office of Stomatology Course Selected as the First-batch Pilot Site by MOE
March 3, 2022

Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education released The Notice from the General Office of the Ministry of Education on the Announcement of the First Batch of Virtual Teaching and Research Office Pilot Construction (Letter of Higher Education Division[2022] No. 2). In order to implement according to the 14th Five-Year Plan and speed up the construction of virtual teaching and research office, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has selected the first batch of 439 pilot sites in the light of the relevant working procedures after the recommendation of local universities and National Advisory Committee on Higher Education Teaching under MOE and comprehensive evaluation by experts. After the preliminary application and fierce competition, the project headed by Professor Jiang Xinquan was chosen as the first batch pilot site.

Relying on the National Center of Stomatology and led by the College of Stomatology, the Virtual Teaching and Research Office of Stomatology Curriculum takes the initiative to assist the national integrated development strategy for Yangtze River Delta, the Belt and Road Initiative, the China-ASEAN regional strategy and the strategy to support the development of the central and western regions. It covers all branches of stomatology curriculum and unites the dental colleges in the Yangtze River Delta and western regions. It is conducive to the balanced distribution of national quality teaching resources, promoting the rapid development of teaching innovation, discipline construction, personnel training, scientific and educational exchanges and cooperation in stomatology in China. Thanks to that, teaching development community for teachers and quality culture take shape. The virtual teaching and research office will explore the construction standard, path and operation mode of dentistry teaching organization in the era of "intelligence+". Collective strength of the virtual teaching and research office will be guided to apply the cutting-edge new technology and concepts to dental practical teaching, create a span-new mode of teaching, fully utilize information technology, explore the breakthrough of time and space limitations, and optimize the "online + offline" teaching and research mode. In particular, we hope to achieve positive results in the research construction and promotion of the brand-new model in dental virtual simulation training.

With excellent faculty team, College of Stomatology Shanghai Jiao Tong University is one of the first "double first-class" disciplines, the national top-class undergraduate majors and the Ministry of Education's pilot ground of characteristic specialty construction for higher education. Professor Jiang Xinquan, the leader of the virtual teaching and research office, is Dean of Faculty of Dentistry, Executive Dean of College of Stomatology, a recipient of national talents projects, and a recipient of the Baosteel Outstanding Teacher Award.