The Shanghai Key Laboratory of Stomatology was established in 2003 and officially listed for construction in 2006. The supporting disciplines of the Laboratory are national key disciplines, the first batch of 211 project construction disciplines, the first batch of "double first-class initiative" construction disciplines, the first batch of national first-class undergraduate majors, and the characteristic professional construction sites of higher education institutions of the Ministry of Education. The supporting unit of the Laboratory is the National Oral Disease Clinical Research Center and the construction unit of the National Oral Medicine Center. It is one of the core centers of leading technology research and development and translation and application of key oral science and industry frontiers in our country. The Laboratory-based discipline ranks second in the 2020 ranking of the best disciplines in China. It has six international exchange training centers, including the "Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital Head and Neck and Maxillofacial Oncology Center, Training Center for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh" (the first in the world outside the UK), "Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, Orthodontics Examination Center for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh," and the Orthodontics Training and Examination Center (the only one in Asia), thus having an important influence in the international academic system of stomatology.

Over the years, the Laboratory has won three excellent and one good rankings in evaluating key laboratories organized by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. The Key Laboratory now consists of seven main branch laboratories: Oral Bioengineering Regenerative Medicine Laboratory, Oral Tumor Biology Laboratory, Oral Tumor Translational Research Laboratory, Oral Microecology and Systemic Disease Laboratory, Oral Digital and Inherited Diseases Laboratory, Dental Pulp Stem Cell Translation Studio/Stem Cell Bioprinting Joint Tissue Regeneration Studio, and Oral Mechanobiology; all laboratories have implemented the PI system.

The construction goal and overall orientation of the Laboratory is to become a well-known research base for oral translational medicine with original innovation capabilities at home and abroad. The Laboratory aims to be a high-level talent training base and considers improving scientific innovation ability as a breakthrough. It focuses on the complex relationship between the oral health state and the various regulatory networks of the individual's systemic health state, as well as the inherent relationship with systemic major diseases. The objective is to comprehensively improve the basic research, applied research, and engineering research capabilities of the Laboratory; publish a number of high-level research papers; and achieve several initiatives and innovative breakthroughs. The Laboratory has always focused on the frontier of science and technology in the world, the main economic battlefield, the major needs of the nation, and the life and health of the people. It aims to gain the advantages of technological innovation in key directions and actively participates in constructing the national scientific and technological innovation system. In the last 5 years, the Laboratory has undertaken important research projects, including the National Key Research and Development Programs/Projects (4/3), the Foundation for Innovative Research Groups of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (1 project), the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (2 projects), the Major Program of the  National Natural Science Foundation of China (1 project)/Cultivation Project (1 project), the State Key Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (2 projects), the Key International Cooperation Projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (2 projects), Major Projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China (1 project), projects of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Strategic Consulting (2 projects), and so forth. The Laboratory has published a number of high-level scientific research papers (983 SCI papers, 36 papers with an impact factor greater than 10, and 735 papers in domestic core journals). The Laboratory research has overcome a series of major research problems in oral tumor precision medicine, regenerative medicine technology R&D and translation, temporomandibular joint innovation technology application, and other fields, and achieved breakthrough results. It has received 29 scientific and technological awards, including the second prize for National Science and Technology Progress award (2 items), the first prize for the Education Ministry Progress in Science and Technology Award (1 item), and the first prize for Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award (4 items). The Laboratory has realized the translation of 110 patent achievements, and the transformation amount is 69.59 million yuan.