Administrative Office

The main responsibilities of administrative office are as follows:

  1. Coordinate with the College, complete tasks assigned by superiors, and perform summary and statistics of all kinds of information and data.

  2. Draft the relevant rules and regulations, and draft the annual plan, annual summary, and other documents.

  3. Deal with the documents and letters, be responsible for signing and approving documents issued by various departments, and be involved in processing, organization, and archiving of daily documents.

  4. Management of the College seal.

  5. Complete daily office work, staff attendance, and annual assessment.

  6. Assist in formulating rules and procedures for funds, draft the annual financial budget, and assist the directors in managing the reasonable expenditure of the daily funds.

  7. Maintain, keep, and report the equipment and articles in the office, receive and issue office supplies.

  8. Coordinate and organize relevant international and domestic conferences.

  9. Arrange the contact and reception, sign agreements, and organize the arrangement of mutual visits.

Teaching Affair Office

The main responsibilities of administrative office are as follows:

Formulate professional training programs, implement teaching plans, manage the course operation and construct the system and process of teaching quality assessment and supervision.

Organizes and launches teaching quality projects such as teaching research, teaching reform, curriculum construction, textbook construction and teaching competition, etc.

Team with the teaching and research departments to optimize teaching staff, facilitate the training of key teachers and boost the development of teachers' ability.

Discipline and Scientific Research Office

As the functional department for discipline construction and scientific research management, the members adhere to the spirit of the college of "TO LEARN, TO THINK, TO CARE, AND TO DEVOTE." The office employees unite, innovate, and forge ahead to serve for discipline planning, construction, and development, as well as scientific research services to promote the high-quality development of disciplines.

The main functions of the office are as follows:

1.Planning discipline work

  1. To assist in drafting and formulating the development construction plan of discipline and facilitate the implementation according to the requirements of the nation and senior departments as well as the actual situation of the college.

  2. To assist in the development of " Double First-Class" initiative in the stomatology discipline, the discipline evaluation of the Ministry of Education, the filling, reporting, analysis, and summary of various discipline rankings.

  3. To coordinate in the introduction of talents and assist in planning, organizing, managing, and providing logistical support for talents.

2. Managing discipline platform and project

  1. To assist in the declaration and management of the stomatology science platform, including the National Center for Stomatology, the National Clinical Research Center for Oral Diseases, the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Stomatology, and the Shanghai Clinical Research Center for Oral Diseases.

  2. To assist in the application, project establishment, mid-term inspection, final acceptance, and fund management of projects, including "Shanghai Key Clinical Specialty ProjectStomatology" and high-level local university construction projects.

  3. To assist in the organization of various platform-related expert committee/academic committee meetings, project promotion meetings, clinical research training meetings, expert summit forums, and so forth.

  4. To maintain, operate, and promote smart medical alliance platform of the National Oral Disease Clinical Medical Research Center, including the Center's official website, and corporate WeChat with the "face-to-face" applet.

  5. To organize and carry out oral science popularization activities, including compilation of popular science books, and 920 Love Teeth Day popular science activities.

  6. To assist the Discipline Planning Office of the Ninth People’s Hospital in constructing an oral biobank and the translation of scientific research.

  7. To take responsibility for the submission, assessment, and evaluation of relevant annual materials on the subject platform.

  8. To assist in implementing various scientific research and innovation achievement exhibitions, achievement translation exhibitions, and collection of representative achievements.

Student Affairs Office

College of Stomatology Shanghai Jiao Tong University particularly focuses on the fundamental task of moral education, integrates value guidance, knowledge exploration, capacity building and personality development, and cultivates excellent innovative talents. Our education system puts emphasis on a well-rounded and complete education where everyone is an educator. Based on the university and medical school platforms, we organize various educational activities to nurture individuals who understand the purpose of value. We strengthen the construction of the Party and Youth League , improve the campus culture,carry forward the main theme of the generation. Through counsellor skills training, class tutor cooperation, student volunteer management and other measures, we can create a good and enabling atmosphere of "dual teachers cooperation and collaborative education" between counsellors and class tutors. Outstanding young and middle-aged physicians shall act as freshman and class mentors in relevant construction projects. The trinity of "professional education, humanities education, and ethics education" is carried out through moral education, which consolidates internal education, ideals and beliefs, while enhances professional identity. We reinforce  the construction of "new medical science" and "new engineering science", carry out innovative training programs for college students, and implement the concept of "One Health". We bring into play the characteristics of the disciplines and nurture talents through the "moving classroom", such as the Chinese Stomatological Association's Western Program, the doctoral group’s sharing and spreading of cultural knowledge, science and technology, and health-related contents in rural villages, etc.. The intention is to serve  local people and provide students with a strong sense of patriotism and practical skills. This functions as an effective channel for students to "understand and practice medicine". We also conduct mental health education seminars to stimulate healthy personality development .We deepen the implementation of the "integration", "broad education", and "comprehensive moral education" pattern with focus on education participated by full faculty, across whole process and in all-round manners.