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1.1 Number of Students

In the beginning, 5-8 students (including international and domestic students) will be admitted to this JPD program per year. The two universities will work together to achieve a balance of students in each institution over three-year periods.

1.2 Eligibility

The program will accept International students (Track 1) and Chinese and Israeli students (Track 2). The criteria for being accepted as a candidate for the JPD program are as follows:

(1) The student

a) Has a Master’s degree, with an experimental research thesis; or

b) Is an outstanding student with a bachelor degree. Such students will be admitted to a pre-program trial period of one year that will include experimental research and courses (determined on a case by case basis). At the end of the trial period, the students will be examined for qualification to enroll in the main program; or

c) Is an outstanding Chinese and Israeli student who has already registered at the home institute (Track 2)

(2) At least two faculty members serve as supervisors for the student, with at least one principal supervisor from        each institution.

(3) The student meets the admission and language requirements of the host institution.

(4) The student is able to obtain a student visa to enter and study in the host institution’s country.

1.3 Admission process

(1) The student must submit his/her application to the host institution using the normal application procedures for PhD applicants, and must state in the application that he/she wishes to be considered for the JPD Program.

(2) Each Institution will advise the other of the admission requirements for the JPD program.

(3) The final decision on admission into the JPD program will rest with both Institutions.

(4) Each student accepted into the JPD program will complete an individual PhD agreement to be signed by the student and appropriately delegated staff from each institution. This individual agreement may include:

i. Candidate details;

ii. Names and titles of the principle supervisors at each institution;

iii. Proposed research topic;

iv. Identification of Home and Host institution;

v. The proposed study program indicating the time/periods to be spent at each institution;

vi. Intellectual property requirements;

vii. Any other requirements deemed necessary by either party.



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