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The Joint symposium between SJTU- SM and HUJI-Med

Background Introduction

The joint Ph.D. degree (JPD) program between Shanghai Jiaotong Unversity School of Medicine and Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Medicine was officially launched in 2018, which has greatly promoted the internationalization of training programs for graduate students and facilitated the collaborations between two institutions. After three years’ advancement, certain achievements have been realized, including the recruitment of more international students into the programs as well as deep cooperations and faculty exchanges between two institutions. During COVID-19 pandemic, scientists from two universities have actively engaged in the investigations on pathogenic mechanism and the explorations of preventive strategies for disease control. This symposium will focus on the topics of “infection and immunity” and go through the recent progresses made by the two institutions. Eight principle investigators and 6 graduate students from two universities will share their latest researches, which will in turn strengthen future collaboration between SJTU-SM and HUJI-MED.


Prof. Bing Su

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

School of Medicine

Prof.Joel Yisraeli

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Invited Speakers

Feng Wang SJTU-SM

Principal Investigator

Dynamics of TCR repertoire and T cell function in COVID-19 convalescent individuals


Rotem Karni 【HUJI-Med】

Principal Investigator

Targeting SARS-Cov-2 mRNAs by ASOs

Leng-Siew Yeap SJTU-SM

Principal Investigator

Animal models for selecting anti-viral broadly neutralizing antibodies

Amos Panet 【HUJI-Med】

Principal Investigator

SARS-COV-2 infection of human nasal 

Yingjie Xu SJTU-SM

Principal Investigator

Development of COVID-19 mRNA 

Ofer Mandelboim 【HUJI-Med】

Principal Investigator

combating SARS-CoV-2

Ying Wang SJTU-SM

Principal Investigator

Beyond herd Immunity, what else can we rely on for the the protection against SARS-CoV-2 infection

Itamar Willner 【HUJI-Med】

Principal Investigator

Enhanced Permeation of DNA-Tetrahedra-Functionalized Nano-/Micro-Carriers into Cells".

Students Presentation

Mingdong Liu   

2019 JPD program

Ofer Mandelboim/ Fubin Li's Lab

Modulate NK cell function by a  special anti-killing antibody

Weijie Wong

2018 JPD program

Florent Ginhoux/Simon Yona's Lab

Modelling a rare neurodgenerative disease using donor-derived organoids

Shupeng Dong

Qiming Liang's Lab

The molecular mechanism by which ZIKV Capsid protein inhibits host RNAi system in neural stem cells

Roni Ben Ami

Yuval Dor's Lab- HUJI-Med 

Circulating DNA in COVID-19 

Lingxi Guo

Min Zhou's Lab

Clinical Features Predicting Mortality Risk in Patients With Viral Pneumonia: The MuLBSTA Score

Sujata Kumari

Alexander Rouvinski's Lab

Pseudoviruses Based Neutralization Assays Benefits and Limitations.

Zuoqiang Wang

Gene essentiality profiling reveals a novel virulence modulator required for intracellular survival of Salmonella.



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