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Welcome to apply for the JPD program between SJTU-SM and HUJI-MED (2021)

Joint Ph.D. Degree Program between

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (SJTU-SM) and

Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Medicine (HUJI-MED)



Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) enjoys a long history and a world-renowned reputation in China. The School of Medicine (SJTU-SM) is one of the best medical institutions supported by the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal Government, remarked by great achievement in scientific research and medical education.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) is Israel’s premier university as well as its leading research institution. The Hebrew University is ranked internationally among the 100 leading universities in the world. The Faculty of Medicine(HUJI-MED) is a major international clinical and research medical center.


The Joint Ph.D. Degree (JPD) Program aims to promote synergistic collaborations between SJTU-SM and HUJI-MED through the combined supervision of joint students for a dual Ph.D degree. The scientific proficiency of the participating faculty covers a large spectrum of modern life sciences, which will be clustered into three blocks:  Immune regulation, Cancer, and Metabolic disorders. These pillars support a broad range of synergistic research activities based on complementary scientific approaches, unique technologies, and advanced infrastructure of the Program’s faculty and partner institutions.  


1 Qualification of Applicants

a. Applicants for the JPD Program should have a master’s  degree

- The graduation certificate and degree diploma shall be recognized by the Ministry of Education and verified by the china's overseas representative office and the JPD Program office.

b. Under 40 years old and be in good health.

c. Good academic performance, academic level must meet the entry requirements. English level requirement: TOEFL : 89 or above; IELTS :7 or above;

d. At least two faculty members serve as supervisors for the student, with at least one principal supervisor from each institution.


2 How to Apply

a. Applicants should complete the online application on the website (

b. Applicants are required to submit scanned images of all required documents , the application form should be download from the JPD website.

c. Three recommendation letters are required to submit online.



3 Scholarship


Both SJTU-SM and HUJI-MED will make every effort to obtain financial support for students enrolled in the JPD program.

Qualified international applicants are encouraged to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) for their study in SJTU-SM. Chinese applicants may apply for the China Scholarship Council (CSC) through recommendation by Chinese Embassies or Consulates or relevant organizations in applicant home countries between November and April (deadlines vary by country).

In addition to the Chinese Government Scholarship, applicants can also apply for the SJTU -SM Scholarship for their study in SJTU-SM and HUJI-MED.

HUJI-MED will help to support full or partial cost when the JPD students are studying in Israel.

Both sides agree to remit registration fees for the JPD study in the first 5years period.


4. Evaluation and Admission

a. The JPD program enrols students by documents evaluation together with interview, the admission committee of the JPD will review the application documents and select applicants for further interview.

b. Re-examination:  A zoom meeting interview will be held.

c. The admission is based on comprehensive evaluation of the applicant's application materials and re-examination.


5. Application Date:

International students: Oct.25.2020- Mar.20 .2021

The time of Enrollment

Sept. 2021- SJTU   Oct.2021- HUJI


Please check (website: more information about the JPD Program.



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