YAN Yuanyuan

Associate Professor


Researh area:Maternal and infant nutrition and health


  • Yuanyuan Yan has worked in the school of public health of Shanghai Jiaotong University since 2018. From 2008.08 to 2018.01, she graduated from Jiangnan University, and received his master's degree and doctoral degree. From February 2015 to February 2017, she worked in the Department of nutrition of Cornell University in the United States as research student. Mainly engaged in the research on the relationship and mechanism between breast milk fat, bioactive substances and the nutritional health of offspring. A total of 10 papers were published, including 7 first author and corresponding articles. There are 2 international conference papers and 2 national authorized patents. Introduce and complete the horizontal project of 3.06 million cooperation of Feihe dairy enterprises.


  • Nutrition and food hygiene

  • Beauty and nutrition


  • 2022 Ministry of education industry university cooperation collaborative education project, project leader

  • Shanghai University Teacher production, study and research practice plan, project leader

  • The start-up plan for new young teachers of Shanghai Jiaotong University, project leader

Key Publications


  • Wang Z, Wang DH, Goykhman Y, Yan Y, Lawrence P, Kothapalli KSD, Brenna JT. The elongation of very long-chain fatty acid 6 gene product catalyses elongation of n-13 : 0 and n-15 : 0 odd-chain SFA in human cells. Br J Nutr. 2019 Jan 3:1-8.(IF=3.718,Q2)

  • Wang Z, Wang DH, Park HG, Yan Y, Goykhman Y, Lawrence P, Kothapalli KSD, Brenna JT. Identification of genes mediating branched chain fatty acid elongation. FEBS Lett. 2019 Jul;593(14):1807-1817.(IF=4.124,Q3)

  • Li Xiaoqing; Lin Yin; Shi Wenjie; Song Yeyu; Yang Shimin; Yan Yuanyuan *; Research progress of branched chain fatty acids and their anti-inflammatory effects, China oil, 2019, 44 (09): 98-103 ( CSCD)

  • Yuanyuan Yan, Zhen Wang, Donghao Wang, Xingguo Wang, Kumar S.D. Kothapalli, Jacelyn Greenwald, Hui Gyu Park, Ruijie Liu, J. Thomas Brenna, BCFA-enriched vernix-monoacylglycerol reduces LPS induced inflammatory markers in human enterocytes in vitro, Pediatric Research, 2018,83(4):874-879.(IF=3.756,Q1)

  • Yuanyuan Yan, Zhen Wang, Xingguo Wang, Yue Wang, Jingying Xiang, Kumar S.D. Kothapalli, J. Thomas Brenna, Branched chain fatty acids positional distribution in human milk fat and common human food fats and uptake in human intestinal cells, Journal of Functional Foods, 2017, 29: 172-177.(IF=4.451,Q2)

  • Yuanyuan Yan, Zhen Wang, Jacelyn Greenwald, Kumar S.D. Kothapalli, Hui Gyu Park, Ruijie Liu, Peter Lawrence, Xingguo Wang, J. Thomas Brenna, BCFA suppresses LPS induced IL-8 mRNA expression in human intestinal epithelial cells, Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids, 2017, 116: 27-31.(IF=4.006,Q3)

  • Yuanyuan Yan, Xingguo Wang, Yijun Liu, Jingying Xiang, Xiaosan Wang, Huijun Zhang, Yunping Yao, Ruijie Liu, Xiaoqiang Zou, Jianghua Huang, Qinzhe Jin, Combined urea-thin layer chromatography and silver nitrate-thin layer chromatography for micro separation and determination of hard-to-detect branched chain fatty acids in natural lipids, Journal of Chromatography A, 2015, 1425: 293-301.(IF=4.759,Q1)

  • Yan Yuanyuan, Zhang Kangyi, Huang Jianhua, Liu Yuanfa, Wang Xingguo, research progress of phospholipid separation, purification and detection methods, China oil, 2012, 37 (5): 61-65(CSCD)

  • Yunping Yao, Guozhong Zhao, Yuanyuan Yan, Chen Chen, Chong Sun, Xiaoqiang Zou*, Qingzhe Jin, Xingguo Wang*, Effects of freeze drying and spray drying on the microstructure and composition of milk fat globules, RSC Advances, 2016, 6(4): 2520-2529.(IF=3.361,Q2)

  • Yunping Yao, Guozhong Zhao,Yuanyuan Yan, Hongyan Mu, Qingzhe Jin, Xiaoqiang Zou, Xingguo Wang*, Milk fat globules by confocal Raman microscopy: differences in human, bovine and caprine milk, Food Research International, 2016, 80: 61-69.(IF=6.475,Q1)

(2) Patents:

  • Wang Xingguo, Yan Yuanyuan, Jin qingzhe, Yao Yunping, Wang Xiaosan, Chang Ming, Huang Jianhua, Liu Ruijie, Zou Xiaoqiang, Liu Yuanfa, a method for micro separation and enrichment of branched chain fatty acids, November 4, 2015, China, application No.: cn201510749606 X。

  • Wang Xingguo, Yao Yunping, Jin qingzhe, sun Cong, Yan Yuanyuan, Zou Xiaoqiang, Qi CE, Wei Wei, Huang Jianhua, Liu Ruijie, Chang Ming, Wang Xiaosan, a method for rapid evaluation of lipid composition in different milk fat globules, July 30, 2016, China, CN201610616524.2。

Meeting abstract:

  • Yan, Y., Wang, X., Chang, M., Liu, Y., Xiang, J., Wang, Y., & Jin, Q. (2016).Composition and positional distribution of branched-chain fatty acids (BCFA) in lipids in nature. The FASEB Journal, 30(1 Supplement), 1132.1133-1132.1133.

  • Yan.Y., Wang.X.(2014).Branched chain fatty acids in human milk.17th World Congress of Food Science & Technology (17thIUFoST, Canada). (ePoster)