ZHU Jingfen

Associate Professor

Email: zhujingfenjt@shsmu.edu.cn

Tel: 63846590-776196

Research Areas: Health education and behavior intervention; Epidemiology of chronic disease; tobacco control; adolescent health behavior

Educational Background

  • Fudan University, PhD in Epidemiology and Health Statistics

  • Shanghai Second medical University, Master in Public Health

  • Shanghai Second medical University, Bachelor in Clinical Medicine

  • 2016 Visiting Scholar in Department of Epidemiology, MD Anderson Cancer Center

  • 2009 Visiting Scholar in School of public health, Boston University

Professional Experience

  • Engaged in medical teaching and scientific research for more than 20 years and won awards in many competitions in teaching.

  • Focus on the influencing factors of health risk behavior and intervention strategies, and actively explore adolescent health behavior promotion strategies such as tobacco control and dietary behavior. Engaged in the epidemiological research of chronic diseases, such as the risk factors exploration for malignancy, screening mode, quality of life, and the community management of chronic diseases.

Research Projects

  • National Social Science Foundation of China, The Dynamic Impact of Youth Social Networks on Smoking Behavior in the New Media Era, PI

  • Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on adolescent tobacco control mode and countermeasures based on social cognition theory, PI

  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University Liberal Arts Scientific Research and Innovation Cultivation Project, PI

  • Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, key discipline construction of Shanghai public health three-year action plan, Participating

  • Natural Science Foundation of China, Evaluation of the quality of life of lung cancer patients and the intervention strategy under the supportive care model, Participating

  • Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Research on cervical cancer screening mode and evaluation of information follow-up system, Participating


  • Health education, Undergraduate course

  • Preventive medicine, Undergraduate course

  • Questionnaire survey and data analysis,Undergraduate course

  • Clinical scientific research design and statistical analysis,graduate course

Honors and Awards

  • Baosteel Excellent Teacher Award

  • Third prize of "Teaching and education Award" of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • "Xinglin Yucai Award" of Shanghai Jiao Tong University , School of Medicine

  • Third prize of " Micro Video (Undergraduate Group) in the second Online Course and Teaching Resources Competition

  • "First prize of Curriculum Ideological and Political Design" and "Top Ten Ideological and Political Materials" award of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of Medicine

  • Special Prize of "2018 National College Student Health Education Science Popularization Competition" (Instructor)

  • Second prize of "2018 National College Students Health Education Science Popularization Competition" (Instructor)

  • Third prize of "2018 National College Students' Public Health Comprehensive Skills Competition" (instructor)

  • Third prize of "2019 National College Students Health Education Science Popularization Competition" (instructor)


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