CAI Yong


Vice Dean of School of Public Health, Shanghai Jiao  Tong University

Tel: +8621-63846590-776198

Email: caiyong@shsmu.edu.cn

Research Interests: Infectious Disease Prevention and Control; Behavioral Sciences and Psychosocial Health; Design and Evaluation of Clinical Research


Yong Cai, Vice dean of School of Public Health,Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine and Professor, is a leading scholar in Infectious Disease Prevention and Control, Behavioral Sciences and Psychosocial Health. He is the standing member of the Behavioral Health Branch of the Chinese Society of Preventive Medicine. He also has extensive experience in the field of clinical study design and evaluation.

Yong Cai has been professor of epidemiology at SJTU since 2018 and was an outstanding subject leader and investigator of public health in Shanghai focusing on the prevention and control strategies of major infectious diseases, the applicant has conducted multidisciplinary cross-fertilization research in epidemiology, health policy and social psychology, and provided evidence-based basis for government decision-making with the theoretical framework of "from data to strategy".

He has extensive training and project writing/revision experience in RCT studies and real-world studies. In the past 5 years, he has been awarded one project (Real World Study on the Effectiveness of Chinese and Western Medicine Treatment for Lung Cancer) by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and two NSF surface projects as the PI of a major R&D program.

In the field of chronic infectious disease AIDS prevention, Prof. Cai innovated a comprehensive AIDS psycho-behavioral intervention strategy for the high-risk hidden population; filled the research gap of AIDS transmission in transgender women in China, and took the lead in revealing the significant infection and transmission risk of this population, and formed policy recommendations to be submitted to relevant government departments for decision making. In the field of acute infectious disease control of Newcastle disease, he has innovated a phased prediction model of infectious disease based on transmission dynamics, accurately assessed the spatial and temporal direction of the epidemic in different regions, and provided an evidence-based basis for prevention and control strategies such as resumption of work and production, and the related results have been affirmed and adopted by national government.

He has published more than 100 papers in authoritative journals in his field, such as Journal of the AIDS Society, Cell Discovery, and Lancet Global Health, including two ESI highly cited papers. He was selected as one of Shanghai's Pujiang talents and outstanding discipline leaders in public health, edited national planning textbooks, and received the Baosteel Outstanding Teacher Award.


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