HUANG Jiaoling

Associate Researcher


Research Areas: 卫生政策与医疗保障


Huang Jiaoling, Ph.D. of Fudan University, jointly trained by the Department of Social Policy of Fudan University and the Population Institute of Ohio State University with the support of the China Scholarship Council. In 2019, she entered the School of Public Health of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine to engage in teaching and research work. Dr. Huang is engaged in social medicine and health policy research from the perspective of the intersection of social science and public health disciplines, paying attention to vulnerable groups and social livelihood issues. In the past ten years, she has continued to follow up on Shanghai's grassroots health and family doctor policies, and to carry out empirical evidence Research based on social surveys, submitted more than 30 reports to the government to participate in policy decision-making consultation, and promoted the uptake of research findings into policy-making. Dr. Huang has published more than 50 papers (as first or corresponding author) in the field of health policy and general medicine, and presided 12 projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, et al. In addition, she accepted the invitations to give speeches at domestic and foreign academic conferences such as the American Population Annual Conference and the International System Dynamics Annual Conference, and actively participated in academic discussions and carry out cooperation. She also serves as a reviewer for core journals such as Lancet Regional Health, BMC Family Practice, INQUIRY, Chinese General Practice, et al., and also as a young editorial board member.


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