SHI Jianwei

Associate research fellow, PhD

Email: shijianwei_amy@126.com

Tel: 86-18818209852

Research Areas: General practice, chronic disease management, health policy, medical quality management


Jianwei Shi, associate research fellow of School of Public Health, Shanghai Jiao tong University School of Medicine, Postdoctoral fellow of Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health. She is also the member of the Public Health Service Branch of Chinese Geriatric Society, and the Family Doctor Branch of China Geriatric Health Care Association, whose work spans the fields of health management and general medicine.

Jianwei Shi has served since 2016 as a member of the faculty of School of Public Health, Shanghai Jiao tong University. Her research mainly focuses on the chronic disease management by integrating health policy into general medicine, providing health suggestions for both the adolescents and the elderly, as well as the health bureau.

During the past years, she has presided over 10 projects, including the National Natural Science Fund, the China Postdoctoral Fund, the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, as well as the projects entrusted by the government and public institutions. She has also played the core role of international project (e.g., Johns Hopkins University NIH projects), China Key Research and Development Plan of Ministry of Science and Technology. Based on these work, she has published more than 50 papers in the domestic and foreign journals, of which 25 are SCI / SSCI papers and 16 are Chinese journal papers as the first or corresponding author.

Beyond these research, she has made some contributions for the knowledge transformation and implementation science. In recent years, she has deeply participated in the Shanghai health reform plan, contributed to the construction of the Shanghai General Practice Quality Control Center, and attended the annual quality assessment of community health service centers in Shanghai, etc. In addition, she often attends the trainings held for the public health practitioners especially the general practitioners. Based on these work and contributions, she has won the title of Outstanding Young Talent of Shanghai Health System and the Shanghai Pujiang Talent.


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