YU Wenya

Assistant Professor

Email: jsjyyuwenya@sina.cn

Tel: 13122058218

Research Areas: child health; early child development; hospital management; modeling; health economics

Educational background

  • 2014-2019, Second Military Medical University, Doctor

  • 2018-2019, Columbia University, Joint PhD Candidate

  • Professional experience

  • 2019-present, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

Research project

  • 2022-2024 Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on critical technology and strategic plan of intervention management of early child development in community health service institutions based on multi-agent system model, PI

  • 2021-2024 Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, Establishment of evidence-based decision-making system of community early child development and empirical research based on multi-agent system model, PI

  • 2021-2022 Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, Research on collaborative model of research hospital and biomedical industry based on social network analysis, PI

  • 2020-2022 Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Research on key critical technologies of accurate management of early child development based on communities, PI

  • 2020-2021 China Medical Board, China-USA Pediatric Care, Main member

  • 2019-2022 Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Research on the epidemiological characteristics and mechanism of epigenetic regulation of curative effect of hepatoblastoma in children, PI

  • 2018-2019 Regional Plan Association of NYC & Columbia University, Congestion Pricing Plans in New York City based on cost-effectiveness analysis, PI

  • 2018 NYC & Columbia University, Bike Share Expansion to Low-Income Communities in New York City based on cost-effectiveness analysis, PI

Other research achievements

  • 3 Chinese software copyrights

  • 2 Japanese utility model patents

  • 1 US national patent copyright

  • 1 academic monograph (editor-in-chiefs)

Other professional activities

  • Youth editorial board member of Chinese General Practice

  • Main member for the establishment of Active Health and Evidence-Based Decision-Making Sub-Center (Dapuqiao Community)


  • Continuing Education of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Health Care Administration


In recent 5 years, Wenya Yu has published more than 60 research articles, including 20 SCI publications, 6 Chinese core journal publications, and 1 international conference article. Some selected publications were listed below.

  1. Hong Chen#; Xiang Liu#; Xiang Gao#; Yipeng Lv; Liang Zhou; Jianwei Shi; Wei Wei; Jiaoling Huang; Lijia Deng; Zhaoxin Wang; Ying Jin*; Wenya Yu*; Epidemiological evidence relating risk factors to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in China: A systematic review and meta-analysis, PLoS ONE, 2021, 16(12): e0261692.

  2. Yan Yang#; Hua Jin#; Peipei Zhang#; Mingwang Cheng; Xiang Liu; Zilong Cao; Xiang Gao; Liang Zhou; Yipeng Lv; Jiaoling Huang; Ning Chen; Zhaoxin Wang*; Jianwei Shi*; Wenya Yu*; Influencing mechanisms of lifestyle and dietary factors on chronic diseases among community residents: updated evidence in Shanghai, China, Public Health Nutrition, 2021, 29: 1-13.

  3. Xiang Liu#; Linzhi Zhu#; Tingjuan Lu#; Xibang Liu; Demin Jiao; Xiali Tang; Jun Chen; Yu Chen; Wenya Yu*; Qingyong Chen*; Epidemiologic characteristics and prognostic factors for COVID-19 among hospitalized patients: Updated implications from Hubei Province, China, Frontiers in Public Health, 2021, 9: 726491.

  4. Meina Li; Bin Lian; Xiaoxiong Xu; Pan Zhao; Bihan Tang; Chaoqun Hu; Xiang Liu; Wenya Yu*; Lulu Zhang*; Collaborative relationships in translational medical research among Chinese clinicians: an internet-based cross-sectional survey, Journal of Translational Medicine, 2021, 19: 247.

  5. Jianwei Shi#; Ning Chen#; Nana Liu; Yan Yang; Dehua Yu; Hua Jin; Li Luo; Xin Gong; Qian Liu; Chen Chen*; Wenya Yu*; Zhaoxin Wang*; Options for Care of Elderly Inpatients With Chronic Diseases: Analysis of Distribution and Factors Influencing Use of Care in Shanghai, China, Front Public Health, 2021, 9: 631189.

  6. Yan Yang#; Ning Chen#; Mingwang Cheng; Chen Chen; Huining Zhou; Zhaoxin Wang; Wenya Yu*; Jianwei Shi*; Perceptions Among Medical Staff in Community Health Centres of Coping Capacity Regarding Infectious Disease Epidemics: A Cross-Sectional Study in Shanghai, China, International Journal of General Medicine, 2021, 14: 1251-1261.

  7. Wenya Yu#; Xiang Liu#; Fangjie Zhao#; Meina Li*; Lulu Zhang*; Control of unreasonable growth of medical expenses in public hospitals in Shanghai, China: a multi-agent system model, BMC Health Serv Res, 2020, 20(1): 490.

  8. Wenya Yu#; Xiang Liu#; Jingquan Li#; Zhifeng Xi; Jing Jin; Hongting Huang; Yang Ge*; Qiang Xia*; A single-center retrospective analysis of childhood hepatoblastoma in China, Gland Surgery, 2020, 9(5): 1502-1512.

  9. Wenya Yu*; David Suh; Shanshan Song; Boshen Jiao; Lulu Zhang; Peter Muennig; The cost-effectiveness of competing congestion pricing plans in New York city, Journal of Transport & Health, 2019, 14: 100586.

  10. Dehao Zhu; Jianwei Shi; Jiaoling Huang; Liang Zhou; Yan Yang; Ning Chen; Qian Liu; Wenya Yu*; Demand for pediatric care based on analyzing pediatric disease spectrum in the community: data from Shanghai's Chongming District, Chinese General Practice, 2021, 24(19): 2477-2483.

  11. Chen Chen; Qihua Peng; Jianwei Shi; Jiaoling Huang; Liang Zhou; Qian Liu; Yan Yang; Ning Chen; Xiang Liu; Wenya Yu*; Developing community pediatrics in China: necessity, feasibility, and recommendations derived from the US training system for community pediatricians, Chinese General Practice, 2021, 24(19): 2472-2476.

  12. Xiaoli Wang; Tianxing Shi; Derong Peng; Zhaoxin Wang; Hui Wang; Jianwei Shi; Wenya Yu*; Comparative study on the effectiveness of two machine learning algorithms in constructing risk assessment models of coronary heart disease in the elderly, Chinese Journal of General Practice, 2021, 19(4): 523-527.

  13. Guangcheng Huang; Liang Zhou; Jianwei Shi; Jiaoling Huang; Yan Yang; Ning Chen; Qian Liu; Xin Gong; Zhaoxin Wang; Lan Tang; Wenya Yu*; Application and comparison of machine learning algorithms in disease risk prediction, Chinese Health Resources, 2020, 23(4): 432-436.

  14. Wenya Yu; Jianwei Shi, Hui Wang*; Function of primary health care institutions in pandemics, Shanghai Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2020, 32(7): 561-565.