PENG Cheng


Department of Environmental Health

Email: peng_0803@163.com

Tel: +86(21)-63846590


Cheng Peng received her master degree from the Second Military Medical University in 2013, majoring in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular pharmacology. Peng’s research aims to investigate the effect of environmental factors on cerebrocardiovascular diseases and determine their mechanisms focusing on endothelial and EPC function.

Research Projects

National Natural Science Foundation of China (81900243), Endothelial Progenitor Cell-related mechanisms underlying the increased cerebral ischemic injury produced by aging in mice, PI.


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  2. Peng C#, Dong XH#, Liu JL#, Tao YL, Xu CF, Wang LP, Liu CL, Su DF, Tao X, Zhang C, Chen AF*, Xie HH*. A preventive injection of endothelial progenitor cells prolongs lifespan in stroke-pronespontaneously hypertensive rats. Clin Sci (Lond). 2018, 132: 1797-1810. (IF=5.220)

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