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Research Areas: Environmental endocrine disruptors and child health


Prof. Tian, dean of Department of Environmental Health, School of Public Health, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, is a nationally recognized leader in environmental health. She is deputy director of Key Laboratory of Environment and Child Health, Xinhua Hospital whose work spans the fields of basic science and clinical medicine. Her major research interest is on the application of biomarkers to assess the effects of maternal exposure on the developing fetus and child. She is the PI of Laizhou Wan Birth Cohort, and the General Manager of Shanghai Birth Cohort. Her particular focus is on the extent of prenatal exposure to endocrine disruptors. This work includes assessments of endocrine disruptors exposure during critical periods for susceptible population, assessments of reproductive, cytogenetic and developmental effects after prenatal exposure, molecular investigations of mechanisms through which maternal exposure may affect the fetus, and studies of associations between low dose exposure and reproductive toxicity. Prof. Tian is also the principal investigator on a number of research grants including three highest-level grants (National Scientific Foundation of China) in recent years. She has published more than 150 academic papers at home and abroad. Among them, more than 70 papers were published in the field of influential magazines such as Environ Health Perspect., Environ Int., Environ Pollut, Chemosphere. Prof. Tian was selected into Shanghai Pujiang Talent Plan in 2005 and was awarded the title of "Outstanding Academic Leader of Shanghai Public Health" in 2008. Her numerous honors include the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award (2011), First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Ministry of Education (2011) and Second and Third Prize of Science and Technology Award of Shanghai Preventive Medicine Association (2018).


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