YAN Chonghuai


Email:yanchk@qq.com, yanchk@gmail.com


Research Areas: pollutants AND children’s health, Heavy metals neurotoxicity


Prof. Yan is work in Department of Women and Children’s Health of School of Public Health, and he is also a Pediatrician in Xinhua Hospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine.

Prof. Yan is a vice director of MOE-Shanghai Key Laboratory of Children’s Environmental Health since 2004. He is the director of Research Center of Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention.

Prof. Yan has finished a national epidemiological investigation of heavy metal exposure levels of children in China. Dr. Yan wrote and drafted the Chinese version of the guidelines for the prevention of Childhood lead poisoning twice in 2005 and 2022. Dr. Yan has been invited in multiple national environmental advisory committees, and Expert Panels for children’s environmental health research to the Chinese government. He is serving as a standing member for both Public Health Branch of Chinese Medical Association, and Environmental Health Branch & Child Health Branch of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association.



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