LI Shenghui




Research Areas: 妇女儿童睡眠健康

Research experience

Pro. Shenghui Li has been dedicated in sleep related research for more than 10 years. Her research team surveyed sleep habits, sleep problems, and influential factors among Chinese children and adolescents based on large epidemiological study. Moreover, they evaluated the impact of sleep on children and adolescents’ growth and development from perspectives of endocrinology and neurobiology. Currently, Pro. Li attempts to examine the associations between pregnant sleep parameters and several outcome measurements including pregnancy complications, birth outcomes and infant neurobehavioral development status. In addition, Pro. Li and her research team is carrying out a multi-center clinical research to explore the environment - genetic interactions and embryonic development.  

Main achievements

Pro. Shenghui Li is responsible for more than twenty scientific research projects, which including national as well as provincial projects, and receives five talent funds in varies aspects. She has more than 100 academic papers published, 80 of which are published in SCI journals as first author or corresponding author. She also edits two textbooks of People’s Medical Publishing House for undergraduate and postgraduate students majoring in preventive medicine, and edits an academic monograph in the field of sleep “Encyclopeida of Sleep and Dream”. As a co-editor, Shenghui Li complies a sleep science treatise “Focusing on Sleep--From the First 1000 Days of Life”. Her series of studies of sleep won the 1st prize in science and technology of the ministry of education in 2011 and 2nd prize of national science and technology progress in 2012, respectively.

Currently, she is the leader in the field of maternal and child health of the school of public health, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and is the PI in their research group. She is hired as the professor of the Environmental and Child Health Education Key Laboratory, and the professor of the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center. Based on her productive work, She was rewarded as of excellent discipline leader in field of public health by Shanghai municipal government.


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