Every second counts, accurate judgment —— Public health defender, racing against time
April 25, 2022

In this invisible battle against COVID-19, they provide fundamental support in obscurity for epidemic prevention work and build the first line of defense on the front line of the epidemic.

In March 2022, the COVID-19 epidemic in Shanghai is rapid and severe. In order to respond to the epidemic effectively, on the evening of March 13, School of Public Health held an emergency online meeting to discuss discussed the difficulties of the frontline of the epidemic. Dean Wang Hui announced the establishment of a public health circulation group immediately. On March 14, Wang Hui, led Zhong Wenze and Zheng Liqiang, two core professors, to participate in the frontline of the fight against the epidemic. Party members took the lead and set up a joint epidemiological investigation group with the staff of relevant district CDCs. Although the teachers are busy with teaching and research work, many teachers took the initiative to ask to join, teachers such as Ran Jinjun and Huang Hengye submitted applications to participate in the circulation work as soon as they heard the work, and the number of epidemiological investigation team members soon exceeded 150.

According to a member of the team, her family set aside a room for her specially. She sometimes feels sorry that she did not have time to stay with her young child, but her family was supportive to her work. Teachers and students work day and night to find out the travel paths of positive cases in the shortest time, screen out close contacts, provide reference information for next step of epidemic prevention and control, and continue to support the frontline of epidemiological investigation in other areas.

On March 19, the school held an emergency meeting to recruit student volunteers, and 89 students in total joined. Fan Shulei did an investigation of a deliveryman, he encountered many difficulties in obtaining the close list, but he finally solved it perfectly. Huang Yue completed more than ten foreigner cases in English, and participated in the drafting and improvement of the work manual and the information collecting form for foreigners. Liu Shangbin completed several investigation of Japanese cases using his Japanese communication skills. Miao Liyuan has investigated a woman who has just gave birth to a child, and in this case, this young woman was very cooperative with the investigation.

The investigation was not always smooth, but everyone was actively looking for solutions, improving communication skills, and coping with various problems during the process. Investigators felt sorry about the infected children and the elderly, and worried about the health of family members of the positive cases. While working hard, everyone learned to deal with it.

Teachers and students from School of Public Health quietly stick to the position of investigator volunteers day and night, try their best to practice the mission and responsibility of public health defenders. One volunteer said, "I never regret my decision. I would like to be a volunteer, and I will do this job well.