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1 The duration of the doctorate will be 4-5 years after the starting date of the JPD program, unless special conditions justify a reduction or extension. In particular, if the dual PhD specified objectives are not reached, the duration may be extended beyond five years but no more than maximal 7 years in accordance with the regulations of the two institutions.

2 The research and study activities will be mostly carried out at one mother base laboratory in the Home institution, but the students will be expected to spend, cumulatively, minimum 9 months over the course of the JPD program in the co-mentor’s lab at the Partner institution.

3 Studying activities:The main activities that the student must perform during the doctorate program include basic and translational research, taking advanced level courses, writing research papers and preparing and defending the doctoral thesis. The students may take courses and be examined on them in either institution in accordance with the study curriculum developed with the supervisors. Course and credit equivalencies will be worked out in either institution with mutual recognition of the courses and credit so that students meet the minimum number of credit points for the degree through study and research at both institutions.

4 Duty of supervisors During the JPD program, it is expected that a student would accomplish research work allocated jointly by HUJI-MED and SJTU-SM supervisors. The PhD thesis submitted would meet the requirements for award of PhD degrees from both institutions.

5 Academic Standing:

2.5.1 Grade point average requirements

In accordance with the home institution policy, the students must maintain a minimum grade point average or better for all coursework taken.

2.5.2 Students who successfully complete and meet all requirements of the program will be eligible to receive dual PhD degree, as detailed in Item 6.



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