Pediatrics ("5+3" Schooling)
September 21, 2022

International teaching mode is adopted for the Pediatrics study. The School of Pediatrics has first-class Pediatrics teaching faculty and platform. Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Children's Medical Center, and Children's Hospital of Shanghai are the teaching hospitals with complete discipline categories, abundant clinical teaching resources and specialized characteristics that integrate medicine, teaching and research.

Pediatrics is a key program of SJTUSM. It aims at cultivating remarkable and innovative talents in Pediatrics through a student-oriented teaching system. Taking integrated curriculum on organ system as the framework, the School of Pediatrics offers standardized training of theory, PBL (problem-based learning), CBL (case-based learning), simulated teaching, clinical internship, resident doctor training for undergraduates. Students who pass the examination of undergraduate study can enter the three-year Pediatrics graduation study. Students who pass the examination and defense can obtain the Practicing Certificate of Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, certificate of standardized training for resident doctors, graduation certificate of Pediatrics masters, and master degree certificates of Pediatrics.

Graduates mainly engage in medicine, teaching, and research in pediatric internal medicine department, pediatric surgery department, children healthcare department and Children infectious diseases department in the hospitals.