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  • Name:Dongqing Zhang

  • Office Location:No.280 South of Chongqing Rd. Room 1201, West No. 5 Building

  • Telephone:86-021-64453049



1980.09-1985.07 Shanghai second medical university B.S
1988.09-1991.07 Shanghai second medical university M.S


1977.09-1987.09 Shanghai second medical university     Technologist
1987.11-1997.02 Shanghai second medical university,Shanghai institute of immunology     Lecturer
1997.11-2002.04 Shanghai second medical university,Shanghai institute of immunology     Associate research fellow
2002.04-Now Shanghai second medical university,Shanghai institute of immunology     Researcher
1995.01-1995.03 MD Anderson Cancer center,USA     Reseach II
1997.10-1998.12 McGill university,Nerve immunology research institute ,Canada     Post doctoral fellow
2005.01-2005.03 Yale university,School of Medical      Visiting Scholar

Research Interests

Autoimmune disease is induced by many factors which is seriously affect human health, like genetic, environmental, endocrine, cell apoptosis, and virus infection. Our team is cooperation with MD Anderson cancer center, Ruijin hospital, Shanghai guanghua hospital. We are committed to study the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases-like MS/RA patients, including T/B cells and their associated signaling molecules expression; explain the T cells (peptide) vaccine, IFN-beta and anti IL6R-beta McAb intervention MS/RA-like mice model, revealed immunological mechanisms and the feasibility of clinical application.


I.  National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.31270963), 2013/01-2016/12, team leader

II. Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission of key projects [No.14431903700], 2014/07-2017/09, team leader

III.National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.31570903), 2016/01-2017/12, team leader

1.  Rong Zhao, Ni-Nan Chen, Xiao-Wei Zhou, Ping Miao, Chao-Ying Hu, Liu Qian, Qi-Wen Yu, Ji-Ying Zhang, Hong Nie, Xue-hua Chen, Pu Li, Rong Xu, Lian-Bo Xiao, Xin Zhang, Jian-Ren Liu & Dongqing Zhang.Intervention with exogenous IFN-beta regulates RANKL-c-Fos-IFN-beta signaling pathway in collagen antibody-induced arthritis model..Journal of Translational Medicine.,2014;,12(1):330. .   [Link]

2.  Ping Wang, Liu Qian, Xiangliang Yuan, Chaoying Hu, Liansheng Huang, PingMiao, Qiwen YU, Yanhui Ma, Jiying Zhang, Xuehua Chen,Bingya Liu, Lisong Shen & Dongqing Zhang.Blys: a potential hallmark of multiple myeloma. .Frontiers in Bioscience, Landmark, January; ,2013,18(1):324-331. .   [Link]

3.  Cheng W, Ma Y, Gong F, Hu C, Qian L, Huang Q, Yu Q, Zhang J, Chen S, Liu Z, Chen X, Zhou T & Zhang Dongqing.Cross-reactivity of autoreactive T cells with MBP and viral antigens in patients with MS..Front Biosci ,2013,17,1648-58..   [Link]

4.  Hu C, Qian L, Miao Y, Huang Q, Miao P, Wang P, Yu Q, Nie H, Zhang J, He D, Xu R, Chen X, Liu B & Zhang D..Antigen-presenting effects of effector memory Vγ9Vδ2 T cells in rheumatoid arthritis..Cell Mol Immunol ,2012,9,245-254..   [Link]

5.  Ming Li, Jianpeng Gao, Runhua Feng, Yuling Wang, Xuehua Chen, Jianyu Sun, Dongqing Zhang, Zhenggang Zhu, Lee M. Ellis, Mason Lu, Jeffrey E. Lee, Zhenqing Feng, Bingya Liu..Generation of Monoclonal Antibody MS17-57 Targeting Secreted Alkaline Phosphatase Ectopically Expressed on the Surface of Gastrointestinal Cancer Cells.. PLoS ONE ,2013,8(10):e77398.   [Link]


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