2019 Ottawa Summer School - Week 2

Long Weekend

This week we had a long weekend. Let’s have a look at where the students went this weekend!

Gatineau Park

Wang Anshi, a man of letters in ancient China, once said: the magnificence and peculiarity of the world and the extraordinary view often lie in the danger and distances where few people could reach. So they are never accessible to a man without ambition. That is the same case with the journey to the Gatineau Park. Only if you traverse through muddy paths, step upon the sharp rock, make it through the dense shadow of forests, overcome the mosquitos and insects everywhere can you, at a moment, arrive the lavender group under the sunbath and expose your eyes to the impressive scenes.


Parliament Hill Light Show

The Parliament Hill Light Show, a fascinating activity which is recommended by professors and senior students, topped our travel list. On the last evening of this long weekend, we headed to the Parliament Hill to watch the show. Canadian history, mainly wars, culture, discovery and partnership, were presented lively by the light projection. Apart from the attracting performance, we had a better knowledge of the Canadian culture and history.



Montreal is a French speaking city. Getting off the greyhound, we found ourselves “illiterates”—we couldn’t understand signposts, names of buildings as well as the advertisements. However, thanks to the Google map we managed to find all our interesting destinations such as the Old Montreal and the Underground City.

Studying in Ottawa

Needless to say, we are having a good time in Ottawa. Besides having fun, learning is also quite important. After all, we are here to study. Different from the teaching style in China, here in class, there is not only the traditional method that teachers teach students, the application of the learned knowledge is also important, which helps to achieve the effect of absorption and transformation. In the second week, we have done disease reports and presentations in English, group work and presentation in Anthropology. Such trainings are not common in China, giving us a fresh feeling, all of us have done these missions actively.

Compared with our courses in Shanghai, group work and presentation play an important role in the course of uOttawa. Every course requires us to make groups among several people and search for information, make a report and we have to give a presentation in the front of class in most cases. By this learning approach , we are able to make preparations for our academic work in the future. Also, during the days in uOttawa, we have learnt some online platforms where we can have access to reliable academic resources.


In conclusion, we had a good week in uOttawa!