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  On December 5th 2017, the First Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine (OSJSM) Jacques Bradwejn Scholarship Award Ceremony was held at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. Prof. Jacques Bradwejn, President Advisor at the University of Ottawa and Co-founding Dean of OSJSM presented the certificates of recognition to the four scholarship-winning students.

  Prof. Bradwejn has been committed to the promotion of internationalizing medical education for a long time and made great contributions to Sino-Canadian joint medical education. To recognize his contributions and efforts, Prof. Bradwejn was appointed Distinguished International Expert by the Chinese Ministry of Education. In 2016, during his visit to Shanghai, Prof. Bradwejn intended to donate 100,000 RMB from his honorarium to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine to establish the OSJSM Jacques Bradwejn Scholarship Program, awarding outstanding OSJSM students. The Scholarship Program was officially launched in 2017. Application was open to OSJSM Undergraduate Medical Education program students Class of 2021, who went to University of Ottawa in 2017 for a summer school after admissions. 

  After first round selection, six students entered the final. On November 30th, the final interview was held. Prof. Bradwejn, Prof. SHAO Li (OSJSM Executive Dean) and other three interview committee members from SJTUSM International Affairs Office, Students‘ Affairs Office and OSJSM Academic Affairs Office attended the interview. Four students finally won the scholarship, they are: LI Xingjie, JIANG Wenyi, QI Yu and ZHU Rui. The interview committee highly commend on the students’ overall qualities and language skills and hopes that they can keep faith and work hard in their lifelong pursuit of a career in medicine.