First OSJSM Mock Accreditation based on North American Accreditation Standard...  [17-07-09]
  First OSJSM Y1 OSCE Held at OSJSM SIM Center  [17-07-09]
  OSJSM Faculty Development - EPA  [17-07-09]
  2017 OSJSM UGME Admissions Interview  [17-07-09]
  Kick-off of Pre-med Medical Humanities Course  [17-07-09]
  OSJSM Class of 2020 Unit 1 Student Feedback Meeting  [17-07-09]
  Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine First Unit 1 Committee Meeting in 20...  [17-03-22]
  Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine Community Preceptor Training  [17-03-22]
  The 6th Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine Faculty Development Workshop  [17-03-22]
  First OSJSM Ottawa Summer Program - Finale  [16-09-20]