Five people from SJTUSM were selected for the 14th batch of national ...  [18-02-11]
  China’s first rapid and high precision medical epigenetic diagnosis ...  [18-02-09]
  Chen Zhu was awarded 2018 Sjoberg Prize  [18-02-07]
  Sun Gang from Renji Hospital provides a new way of medicine for the p...  [18-01-30]
  Shanghai Children’s Medical Center released the first Physical activ...  [18-01-30]
  SJTUSM won a couple of Chinese medical science and technology awards  [18-01-28]
  First in the country. Shanghai "Xinhua - Chongming regional medical a...  [18-01-25]
  Xinhua hospital has launched cloud pediatric medical association to u...  [18-01-18]
  Shanghai key laboratory of assisted reproduction and eugenics academi...  [18-01-18]
  Manchester University delegation visits SJTUSM  [18-01-16]
  Professor Wang Weiqing and her team won the Second Prize of 2017 Nati...  [18-01-08]
  Eleven high-level medical personnel are listed in the 2017 Shanghai L...  [17-12-15]
  Professor Richard A. Flavell from Yale University School of Medicine ...  [17-12-13]
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