The Successful holding of the first doctoral students‘ academic forum: “Exhaustively Exploring the Essence of Medicine”

On Nov. 18, 2011, the first (doctoral) graduate students‘ academic forum: “Exhaustively Exploring the Essence of Medicine” was solemnly held in the teaching building of the medical school.

With clinical medicine as a focus and transformational medicine as its theme, the forum is aimed at promoting academic exchanges, exhibiting research achievements, and creating a lively atmosphere for academic activities. The forum consisted of a general forum and three sub-forums centered respectively on internal medicine, surgery, and other clinical and related disciplines including obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, anesthesia, imaging, nuclear medicine, etc. Different forms of activities were adopted, including reports given by experts, academic presentations, and displays of posters, encouraging audiences and participants to raise questions and offer opinions. The forum, which lasted for a whole day, had 35 speakers addressing different groups of audience on academic topics, and 48 students displaying their well-prepared medically-related posters, attracting the participation of about 500 graduate students of the medical school and other medical colleges and universities.

In the morning session of the forum, Mr. Chen Guoqiang, Dean of SJTUSM, made a brilliant speech at the general forum, focused on the research and construction of transformational medicine. Winners of awards for excellent doctoral dissertations at the national and municipal levels from Fudan University, the Second Military Medical University and the Medical School of SJTU reported their academic achievements on research subjects; the representatives of students of SJTUSM who are selected for the cultivation plan for excellent doctoral dissertations also reported their research results. In the afternoon session, speakers at the sub-forums talked about the frontline and hot issues of their research areas, followed by on-the-spot comments from experts of the panel and the question time. The panelists rated the speeches and selected the winners based on the academic value of the topic, the performance of the presentation, and the quality of slides, etc.

This academic forum of the graduate students successfully offered a platform for the students to display comprehensively their overall research achievements. At the same time, the forum formed a bridge for exchange among students in different academic disciplines. The graduate students’ union will continue to make efforts to build interactive platforms for academic exchange and scientific research and to create a favorable atmosphere for research work, so as to push the innovation and development of academic research of our school to a new level.